10 Reasons to Own a Nutribullet (Even If You Already Have an Expensive Juicer)


Prior to my decision to buy a Nutribullet to make healthy smoothies, I weighed the pros and cons extensively. I already had a $330 Omega VRT juicer, and it had been working well for me.

But the Nutribullet seemed to provide many things that a juicer simply can’t, which is why I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I now use my Nutribullet every single day, while the juicer only gets pulled out once a month or so.  Even though I loved the Omega VRT, when I had the time and energy to use and clean it, that is, I can’t deny the benefits the Nutribullet has given me.

I keep coming back to my Nutribullet even though it costs less than 1/3 what I paid for my juicer.

Here are the top ten reasons to buy a Nutribullet even if you already have an expensive blender.

The Nutribullet is fairly similar to a juicer with some key differences.

The Nutribullet is fairly similar to a juicer with some key differences.


Why I Would Buy the Nutribullet All Over Again

Here are the top ten reasons why I would buy the Nutribullet all over again if I had the choice, and may even buy another one as a gift for a family member:

10. Space Saver- Compared to my massive juicer, the Nutribullet is tiny and doesn’t take up much room at all on my kitchen counter. I can move it around from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table or even the living room if need be, since it’s so compact and simple with very few parts compared to a juicer.

9. No Mess- Making a mess with the Nutribullet is actually quite hard to do, since all of the ingredients placed within are easy to contain and “extract” with just a few steps. I don’t have to worry about juice shooting out too fast and getting all over the counter after missing the cup below, or pulp spilling out, or any other issues that juicers can sometimes force me to deal with.

8. Portability- Take your Nutribullet with you anywhere! It’s easy, with only the base, cup, and lid with attached blades to take with you. Extra pieces are offered with the product but they’re not necessary at all. It’s also lightweight, making it simple to bring with you on vacation or a business trip and to use in the hotel room. I wouldn’t think twice about taking a Nutribullet with me, but I certainly can’t say the same about my Omega.

7.  Easy to Use- The Nutribullet takes just a handful of steps, and simplicity is a good thing, especially among healthy eaters who are used to having to do so much work to prepare their food. Simply chop up some fruits or vegetables, throw them in the Nutribullet with some water, and press down on the cup. The “extracting,” aka blending, will happen instantaneously and your smoothie will be ready quickly. No fooling around with settings or speeds is necessary.

6. Fiber Bonus- Regular juicing is a great way to deliver more nutrients directly into your bloodstream, but in the big picture, it may well be better to keep the fiber intact. Much of the fiber is lost through the pulp when you use a traditional juicer, but with the Nutribullet, it’s all kept in the smoothie.

5. David Wolfe Endorsement- I’m not someone who typically pays attention to TV commercials or products advertised on TV, but the David Wolfe commercial for the Nutribullet really caught my eye. That’s because Wolfe is part of a new generation of holistic health gurus who I know I can trust because of all the great products he’s recommended in the past. He’s a bright guy who takes his nutrition seriously, and he’s honestly part of the reason why I made the purchase.

The Nutribullet is a great buy for people looking for a cheap, convenient way to add more plant-based nutrition to their diet. Click the picture for more info. Photo: HSN.com/free use

The Nutribullet is great for people looking for a cheap, convenient way to add more plant-based nutrition to their diet. Click the picture for more info. Photo: HSN.com/free use

4. Time Saver- As mentioned earlier, the Nutribullet is simple to use. Every aspect of it is simple, which is what makes it such a unique and refreshing product in this day and age of complicated electronics.

3. Durability- I’ve had the Nutribullet for about a year now and it still works fine. There have been a few issues in terms of blending the entire smoothie’s contents but I’ve found that’s usually because I jam-packed it full of too many hard vegetables like carrots, or didn’t use enough water. It’s not the most powerful blender/extractor on the market but it will do its job and keep on tickin’.

2. Easy to Clean- This is probably the biggest reason why I would buy the Nutribullet all over again. I hate to use a cliche, but “clean up is a snap!” Simply rinse out the mixing cup with a little bit of soap and place in the dishwasher.

That’s it. Compared to marathon 20-minute scrubbing sessions with my Omega VRT, cleaning the Nutribullet is a breeze.

1. Price- At less than $100, the Nutribullet is one of the best values out there for eating/drinking healthier and getting more plant-based nutrition into your diet. While I do love juicing, I honestly wish I would have just saved the money and decided to buy a Nutribullet (or two) instead of my Omega VRT.

It’s one of the best values out there for anyone who’s even the least bit health conscious.


Where to Buy the Nutribullet 

You can find the Nutribullet at your local kitchenware store, or on Amazon.com by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

-Nicholas J. Meyer

AltHealthWORKS founder

Disclosure: This article was done independently, however a portion of any Nutribullets sales from the Amazon link above will be given to the author to support his blogging activities. 

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