“Uncontrollable and Irreversible:” Over 100 Medical Doctors Have Called for a Ban on GMO Mustard

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The genetically modified food experiment has continued into the 21st century, with doctors and natural health advocates alike continuously calling for an end to the lucrative, lab created foods.

Genetically modified foods were originally brought to market in the mid-1990s, and since then have allowed to become commonplace in the North American food supply — without plain text, common-sense labels.

Now, over 100 medical doctors are calling for a halt to one of the latest genetically modified food experiments in India, as the clock ticks down on the country’s latest GMO experiment.


“Uncontrollable and Irreversible:” The GMO Mustard Experiment 

The mustard plant is found in the Brassicaceae family of plants, and carries with it numerously understudied, positive health-bestowing characteristics.

Mustard is rich in fiber, protein, B vitamins and Vitamin C and helps cleanse the body from substance that could cause flu-like symptoms or other similar health problems.

Mustard powder is also used by some holistic health advocates as a home remedy.

Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, used to heal patients from flu-like symptoms by using a mustard plaster (see full recipe here), which is comprised of flour, dry mustard, and water to make a paste that is applied 20 minutes at a time to both adults and children older than six years old.

Mustard can help provide relief from muscular pains, ringworm, and respiratory disorders.

It also helps to treat both cancer and diabetes in those who use it.


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Recently, over 100 medical doctors from India signed a letter in protest of genetically modified mustard.

In it, they write:

“GM in farming and food is both uncontrollable and irreversible and affects both present and future generations.”


The doctors continued, sharing the following information on the impacts of the untested, relatively unknown crops.

The doctors believe that GMOs have not been tested for long term safety, and don’t want to see this science experiment unleashed on the general public in a country that values organic farming and environmentally sound food and farming practices such as biodynamic growing.

“In terms of health impacts, an adequate scientific body of evidence exists about various adverse health impacts on immunity, reproductive health, growth and development, vital organs and even carcinogenicity – from a combination of toxic genes used in genetic engineering, the GE [genetic engineering] process itself and the deadly chemicals used on GM crops.

“It must thus be a last resort when no other options exist and subject to proper long term biosafety tests for transparent peer review.


It has been seen time and time again, however, that crop developers and regulators circumvent the need for comprehensive testing, because they know that the inherent lack of safety in this technology will get captured in the results of such testing.”


GMOs Are Still a Major Problem in the United States

Meanwhile in the United States, an estimated 90%-plus of our corn, soy, canola and sugar beets are genetically modified and sprayed heavily with toxic chemicals like glyphosate, the chemical herbicide concoction Roundup (created by Monsanto, now known as Bayer), and similar pesticides and herbicides.

The best way to avoid genetically modified foods is to buy organic whenever possible, while looking for the ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ label on the boxes of any processed foods.

Recently, a holistic doctor decided to expose which foods are genetically modified in the United States, releasing a video that has been viewed over 300,000 times.

More information can be found by clicking on this link.





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