“We Thought She Was On Our Side:” Organic Lover Oprah Winfrey’s Magazine is Reportedly Taking Monsanto Money


Oprah Winfrey is easily one of the most financially successful and influential women, if not people, in the entire world, and after learning about her growing affinity for organics many people thought she could help propel the movement to the next level.

But now, the talk show host and media mogul has upset many in the organic and GMO Free movement by doing something incredibly surprising, something that has to do with the oft-voted “Most Evil Company in the World” and their burgeoning multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

Many people don’t realize that Oprah has already trademarked ‘Oprah’s Organics’ and also owns her own lush, vibrant organic farm in Maui, but now she’s been called out for accepting money from Monsanto, the notorious GMO giant from St. Louis.

Where do Oprah’s true allegiances lie…?

Monsanto in the Pages of Oprah’s Magazine


According to a Dec. 14 post from the Institute of Responsible Technology’s Facebook page, Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, ‘O,’ is scheduled to run a Monsanto ad in 2015 (note: some other activists have already posted pictures of ads in one of her current issues as well).

Focused on Monsanto’s new PR slogan “Grab a Seat and Let’s Dig In,” it features a smiling, ethnically diverse family enjoying dinner together and encourages people to engage in conversations about (genetically modified) food with the company.

Oprah’s magazine has previously written about GMO labeling and potential health risks, so the decision to accept an ad like this has caught many off-guard. 

The IRT, which is a non-profit focused on helping society reach the GMO “tipping point”, is now hoping to lead a campaign to get Oprah to reconsider or perhaps pull the ad (see below), as the page’s moderator wrote.

This ad is expected to appear in 2015 in Oprah's 'O' magazine according to the IRT.

This ad is expected to appear in 2015 in Oprah’s ‘O’ magazine according to the IRT.


Who wants to lead a campaign to “Educate Oprah”? PM me at info@responsibletechnolog.org so so so sad….Oprah Magazine ad 2015”

The above was written by the IRT Facebook page’s moderator; hopefully, a campaign can be launched before too much damage is done.

Because even though Oprah herself hasn’t come out in support of Monsanto, it’s hard to imagine someone with a more devoted fan base than the iconic talk show host (see the video below for info on her organic farm which is what makes this so surprising). 

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