FDA Attacks Man for Selling Simple Mineral Supplement – He’s Now Facing 37 Years Behind Bars

It goes without saying that FDA-approved drugs are ironically one of the most dangerous things you could put in your body.

Even drugs that are correctly taken still cause over 100,000 deaths per year, and oftentimes drugs are pulled from shelves only after they are shown to cause serious health defects.

Despite this, scrutiny and suspicion are often cast by the FDA upon natural supplement makers whose products are infinitely safer and oftentimes more effective without side effects.

In the case of one man from Washington State, using a particular supplement based on a mineral solution, one that has saved lives in the past, is causing him to be under attack from the FDA and it could land him in jail for a very long time.

According to this article from Health Impact News, Daniel Smith of Spokane, Washington is now facing a trial that could land him in prison for up to 37 years, and it’s all because he’s been selling a mineral-based supplement that is not FDA-approved for health claims.

Daniel Smith and family. Via: http://www.stadnbydaniel.com.

Daniel Smith and family. Via: http://www.stadnbydaniel.com.



As the article asks:

Has the product killed anyone? No.

Do FDA approved products kill anyone? Yes.

Despite this, Daniel is being singled out for selling the MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) product, which has an active ingredient called sodium chlorite, a mineral used to purify waste in some cities instead of chlorine, and has been used in Africa by the Red Cross to prevent (or even treat) malaria.

After almost five years of mind-numbing legal battles Daniel is ready to face the music. But does he really deserve all this?

What is MMS, anyway?

According to the article, MMS is simply a solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water (with weak acids like citric often added to make a more potent solution) , and it’s completely acceptable to buy, sell and import according to the MMS Defense Fund’s website.

Its main use is water purification and it has even been used to save lives in parts of Africa and other places where clean drinking water is not available.

 The media has characterized it as “industrial bleach,” however.

According to this article about Jeff’s story, however, four total complaints were filed against MMS including two said to be life-threatening as of the end of 2011; this according to an affidavit from FDA Special Agent DaLi Borden. 

A case study in Uganda in the video below show its promise for cleansing water, however; this is where the Red Cross-affiliated Water Reference Center is currently utilizing the solution to help people.



] Daniel’s Story

It all began in 2007 when Smith began selling the solution after importing it from Canada.

He created a company called ‘Project GreenLife’ and also began taking it personally as a supplement. He has said that he did not make any claims as to what the supplement should be used for while selling it, however, according to this article from Inlander.com.

In 2010 Smith was met by FDA officials; he was also raided in June 2011.

Smith had recalled MMS and said he was planning to distribute it through a private membership club which he thought allowed him to sell it legally.

But a letter to the FDA was not returned, he said.

Now, Smith is facing prison time for using a solution that its founder, Jim Humble, says has never hurt anyone and has great promise as a healing agent.

Smith has been charged with one count of conspiracy, four counts of interstate sales of misbranded drugs, and one count of smuggling. 

Humble’s message in support of Smith can be viewed below.

If Daniel loses, he faces up to 37 years in prison…can you imagine – 37 years for selling something that makes people well?” 



Smith’s website is http://StandByDaniel.com

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