Kellogg’s CEO Faces Backlash For Telling Cash-Strapped Consumers to ‘Eat Cereal For Dinner’

Kellogg's CEO Gary Pilnick.


The Battle Creek, Michigan based Kellogg’s cereal company has faced the wrath of protestors over the last decade for its continued use of genetically modified corn, sugar. and other ingredients in its cereals, and now the company’s Chief Operating Officer Gary Pilnick is facing heat for another reason entirely.

Pilnick’s company, makers of three of the top ten best-selling cereals in the United States, is a household name among food brands even with recent non-GMO protests led by organizations like the now-defunct March Against Monsanto and, most recently, GMO/Toxin-Free USA.

A recent study by the USDA found that food prices increased by 5.8 percent in 2023, with foot-at-home prices increasing by 5 percent and away-from home prices increasing by 7.1 percent. Food prices increased in all food categories except pork, and grew ‘more slowly’ in 2023 than in 2022 for all categories. Food prices have continued to grow throughout most of 2024.

In other words, food price growth is now the norm, and many food buyers are feeling the sting at the checkout.

Recently, Pilnick made a suggestion that has the social media world up in arms, as his comments have been likened to historical “Let them eat cake” comments allegedly uttered by Queen Marie-Antoinette of France during a time when French citizens had no bread to eat.


Backlash Against Kellogg’s CEO 

Kellogg’s has been advertising cereal as an affordable dinner for people with financial difficulties, which has sparked a backlash.

According to Pilnick in a CNN interview, his message was “landing really well” with customers. Pilnick has been CEO of Kellogg’s since October 2023, and has been working with the company for over 23 years.

“Cereal for dinner is something that is probably more on trend now, and we would expect to continue as that consumer is under pressure,” he said.

Since Pilnick’s initial comments on February 21, a backlash has begun across social media. Users on LinkedIn have taken aim at Pilnick’s recent posts and the hashtag “boycottkelloggs’ had been viewed roughly 23 million times.

“What the hell kind of dystopian hellscape is this? One user said as part of a TikTok backlash against the company.

“Boycott Kellogg’s” another said.


“Give the peasants cereal for dinner!” still another added.

Other commenters indicated they believed Pilnick was out of touch with reality on cereal prices.

“He’s talking like cereal is still $2.50 a box,” one commenter said.

“Corporate gaslighting at its finest,” still another commenter chimed with in the comments section on TikTok.


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Kellogg’s Originally Boycotted Over GMO Ingredients 

Kellogg’s has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-GMO labeling initiatives at the ballot box and is notorious for using genetically modified ‘Roundup Ready’ crops in its cereals.

Earth Day rallies, March Against Monsanto rallies, and similar protests have taken place over the years against the company, which was started in February 1906 in Battle Creek and began adding genetically modified ingredients to its cereals in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Recently, Kellogg’s and Mars began adding GMO labels to their products with labels that state they are ‘MADE WITH BIOENGINEERED INGREDIENTS,’ a relatively new development that consumers have voted on for many years only to watch money laundering schemes unfold and pro-secrecy campaigns succeed.



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