Product Review: A Delicious Sparkling Beverage With Benefits for Beauty and Energy From Gorgie

Gorgie drinks are designed for energy and beauty.


The rise of social media has led to a renewed focus on natural and holistic health among consumers, and countless new companies with innovative products designed to address specific health needs.

One of them in the drink category is Gorgie, a sparkling, carbonated drink with the tagline ‘Energy With Benefits’ that tastes great and contains zero sugar. These drinks are packed with nutrients that aren’t found in most mainstream energy drinks, and don’t contain the myriad unhealthy ingredients in most of those drinks as well.

I recently had the chance to sample Gorgie drinks and came away impressed. The following are my thoughts on these unique drinks.

Gorgie Drinks Health Benefits 

The first thing that impressed me about these drinks is that they contain B vitamins, green tea, and biotin.

B vitamins help to calm and relax the nervous system and they may help to alleviate panic attacks. The more calm you are, the more relaxed you will be which can definitely help in the beauty department. Next up, Gorgie also contains green tea extract, a favorite of mine.

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Biotin is a type of protein that is found abundantly in the human body that diminishes over time. It is utilized by the body to form health hair, skin and nails, and is found in Gorgie drinks. This drink gives 100% of the daily value of Biotin, making it like a supplement you can drink.

I noticed an improvement in my overall energy and vitality levels while taking this drink, as carbonated water can also be incredibly health, especially when it is drank consistently. There is just enough caffeine in this drink to give energy benefits without causing jitters, in my personal experience.

These drinks were designed with a woman’s approach in mind, something unique and new to the energy drink category as founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant explains in the interesting, long form interview with host Joshua Schall below.

Gorgie Health Drinks Flavors 

The green tea flavor in these drinks is light and crisp and better than anything you’ll find on grocery store shelves in the tea department, in my personal opinion. The company offers a wide variety of flavors available in variety packs or single flavor packs.

Some of the unique flavors include my favorite, sparkling paradise punch, and watermelon crush. The paradise punch reminded me of a Hi-C, fruit punch flavor but much more crisp and clean compared to the sugar-laced kids drink I fell in love with when I was younger. Sparkling mango tango, sparkling peach tea, sparkling peach tea, sparkling citrus burst and sparkling electric berry round out the Gorgie repertoire of flavors.

Try my favorite flavor here

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Final Thoughts on Gorgie Drinks 

My first thought is that these drinks taste delicious and come in a wide variety of flavors with no artificial sweeteners and plenty of calming, relaxing, energizing ingredients. The inclusion of Biotin is an incredible choice as I have been researching hair, skin and nails growth supplements and ingredients in recent years and implementing them into my daily routine.

All things considered, I am a big fan of these drinks. My only regret is that I didn’t save them for the summer beach season and drink them so incredibly fast, but now I know how great they are so I am hoping to get more in the near future.

Special thanks to Gorgie for providing samples for the purposes of this review! 

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