Product Review: Gluten Free Ladyfingers from Schar – Great For Tiramisu, or On Their Own As a Snack

Tiramisu is one of the United States’ favorite desserts, but the type of cookies it’s made out of, ladyfingers, are not nearly as well known.

Ladyfingers are soft, airy and almost buttery in flavor, although they don’t always contain butter. Recently I had the opportunity to try a package full of gluten-free, non-GMO lady fingers from a company called Schar, and came away impressed.

Here are my honest impressions of these unique and delightful cookies.

Schar Ladyfingers Taste 

Schar ladyfingers come in 7.1-ounce packages and are sold on the Schar website along with gluten-free pizza crusts, deli-style bread, baguettes, sandwich rolls, penne pasta and many more products.

The company prides itself on being IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) friendly and gluten-free and its ladyfingers are a product of Italy, where food and ingredients standards for purity and quality are generally much higher than the United States.

These ladyfingers are thicker and longer than others I have tried from United States based brands making them a dessert food or snack that can be quite filling. Taste-wise, they are very similar to a vanilla wafer but lighter and more airy.

This was my first time trying ladyfingers on their own, apart from tiramisu, in a long time. Taste-wise I would score these an 8.5 or 9 out of 10. They taste incredible if you’re looking for something sweet, light and airy with a touch of vanilla flavor.

Try Schar Ladyfingers Here for Your Next Tiramisu

Schar Ladyfingers Ingredients 

There is a saying that has become popular in the United States in recent years that the main problem with bread is not the gluten, it’s the glyphosate. Like most things in life, whether or not the gluten-free distinction on Schar ladyfingers matters to you depends on your own personal physiology and dietary needs.

I have eaten some gluten-free products that did not agree with my stomach and others that were incredibly healthy for my body. Oftentimes it depends on the details of each product.

In the case of Schar ladyfingers, they did not irritate my stomach at all like some gluten-free products with lesser ingredients. These ladyfingers are gluten-free, wheat free, lactose free, non-GMO and preservative free. They recipe has been tweaked since 1922 culminating in the latest, new recipe, and they are a product of Italy.

Ingredients include: Eggs, sugar, corn starch, rice flour, guar gum, and natural vanilla flavor. If this were a U.S.-based product I would say these are far from the best ingredients.

Knowing the standards for food purity, farming, the healthier soil conditions and the GMO free farm fields that punctuate the Italian landscape, I can say with confidence that these are much healthier ingredients than traditional United States sweets, cookies, and similar products.

Learn More or Purchase Schar Products Here

These ladyfingers tasted great and would make for an incredible tiramisu in my personal opinion. The texture is perfect and the taste is light but flaky and delicious.


Final Thoughts on Schar Ladyfingers

First of all, special thanks to Schar for sending me samples of these ladyfingers to try. I wish I had the ingredients to make a tiramisu handy because I would have done that if I had the chance. As a substitute, I was able to enjoy two boxes of these cookies on their own and loved the taste as a midday snack.
I usually tend to avoid sugar as much as possible and go several days without sugar but I am a strong believer in the phrase, ‘everything in moderation, including moderation’ so I do indulge with a ‘cheat day’ once or twice a week as Mr. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and other fitness celebrities have shared over the years in regards to their own personal fitness and health routines.
The one caveat I have with these ladyfingers is that they do not list any organic ingredients. That being said, they are way better ingredients wise than most cookies and baking ingredients you will find on grocery store shelves.
You can find these cookies with free shipping options available on the Schar website here. They are also available on in tw0-packs by clicking here. They are also available at stores like Wal-Mart and Target, and through delivery services like Uber Eats.
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