Watch as Farmers Hack Away at the Nightmarish ‘Superweed That Can’t Be Killed’ (with Video)


By now you’ve probably heard the news that superweeds have been ravaging genetically modified crops and making life miserable for thousands of farmers who were promised easier workloads and higher yields from genetically modified crops.

Superweeds resistant to glyphosate, the main chemical component of the best-selling and highly controversial Monsanto herbicide Roundup, have been popping up across the country, and have become such a big problem that banned chemicals are being requested to fight them.

For example in Texas, a banned chemical was asked to be used by farmers on up to three million acres of land, and that request was recently denied by the EPA.

Superweeds in Iowa and Nebraska also could be potentially “devastating” to the major row crops in those key agricultural states.

The problem of superweeds is a growing one, but it’s actually been around for a while. It can also be quite a difficult problem for farmers: the ‘superweed that can’t be killed” can multiply and grow far quicker than it can be hacked down.

The process of hacking them down must be done by hand with plenty of extra workers.

The video below is a classic segment from ABC News in 2009, and is quite the eye opener for people who haven’t seen it yet, it shows what a nightmare superweeds can be for farmers.

You can watch the video by clicking below:


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