Wow! You Can Grow a Banana Tree at Home from a Seed (harvest bananas in just 12 months)




Would you like to grow your own bananas at home?

You can actually grow one indoors, anywhere in the world as long as you provide it with the right light and enough water, believe it or not. And some varieties can produce fruit in under 12 months. It could be a unique Christmas gift that will provide fruit for the next holiday.

Banana Tree is Amazing for Clean Air

Not only are bananas delicious, but the plant will be useful year-round.

When NASA studied houseplants for to see which have the best ability to clean the air from chemicals and pollutants, the banana tree made their list. It has the unique ability to clean formaldehyde out of the air.

Formaldehyde is a chemical, which is unfortunately found anywhere inside: house insulation, furniture, paper towels, carpets, and some clothes. This chemical can cause asthma and a rare type of throat cancer, and it is important to remove from the air, something banana trees along with other plants can do. It is also one of the few plants that is non-toxic to pets, and of course gives on of the most delicious and healthy fruits you can eat.


How to Grow a Banana Plant at Home

If you buy a small Musa oriana banana plant in a pot, this is what you need to do to take care of it inside:

  • Size: choose a dwarf variety of the plant to fit it into any room indoors.
  • Drainage: make sure to use a well-draining soil and provide adequate drainage (see here for more info from
  • Soil: buy rich organic soil
  • Light: this plant needs 12 hours of light, if there is not enough sunlight, you can purchase a special grow light.
  • pH level: between 5.5 and 7.0
  • Fertilizer: use soluble fertilizer once a month. If you get one rich in potassium, that will speed up the production of fruit.
  • Temperature: ideal temperature is 67 degrees F at night and 80s during the day
  • Leaves: wipe down occasionally using a wet cloth
  • Water: there is no magic number of how many times this plant needs to be watered. Instead, water it until the soil is moist, but be sure it dries out between watering again.

Most plants need about 9 months to grow, and another 8 to grow fruit, however fertilizing it with potassium can help produce bananas in 12 months.


How to Grow The Tree From the Seed

If you buy seeds to plant your banana tree (the commercial bananas sold in store do not contain seeds), this is how you can grow and plant a banana tree from them:

  • Soak the seeds in warm water 24 to 48 hours
  • Prepare the soil with organic fertilizer
  • Keep the temperature at at least 60 degrees F
  • Depends on the type, seeds may take up to a few months to germinate
  • After germinating, the same advice follows as for the tiny plant described previously

Watch one plant enthusiast’s journey with planting bananas from seed:

Are you going to grow your own bananas now? Let us know in the comments section!

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