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Actress Re-Creates Famous Harry Potter Treats with Vegan Ingredients that Anyone Will Love (with recipes)

When Harry Potter books and movies were coming out, many fans and those curious about new recipes started recreating magical treats that were enjoyed in the franchise: chocolate frogs, butterbeer, and pumpkin pasties among many other desserts. Most variations of the recipes, however, were not very health-conscious. Luckily, there are [...]
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Haribo Gummy Bears Are Full of Corn Syrup, Food Dyes and Additives linked to Behavioral and Health Issues. Make Your Own With This Simple Recipe!

Haribo gummy bears have existed since the 1920s with the first bear created from licorice. The gelatin-based gummies appeared in 1960s and have been steadily growing in popularity in America after stealing the hearts of their home country – Germany. In 2016 Haribo gummy sales in the U.S. hit almost [...]
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Ohio Sues Big Pharma for One of the Biggest Health Epidemics of Our Time. Calls Out Drug Makers on Purposefully Misleading Doctors, and Downplaying the Drug’s Dangers

Some call the opiate addiction epidemic one of the biggest health problems our society faces today. And just like Big Tobacco was eventually blamed for the cigarette smoking problem in the 90’s, Big Pharma is now getting a backlash for their involvement in fraudulent marketing campaigns involving prescription painkillers, which [...]
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