Product Review: Cinnamon Roll Flavored, Grass Fed Whey Protein Infused With Fiber-Rich Oats

Naked Oats grass fed whey protein product.


Protein powders are a unique class of supplements in that they are typically separate from other forms of nutrition, and exclusively include protein as the one and only nutrient.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a product that is even more unique in the sense that it combines grass-fed whey protein powder with a favorite breakfast food that has been tweaked in recent years for busy, health-focused people: overnight oats.

The result is a delicious and functional protein supplement that includes a variety of flavors, ‘Naked Oats’ from the Naked Nutrition company, which features multiple types of protein plus fiber all in one package. These are my impressions.

Naked Oats Nutrition and the Naked Company

Naked Nutrition is a company whose products I began to really enjoy because of its commitment to high quality, micro and macronutrient dense grass-fed whey protein, an item that has been a true superfood for me personally over the years in my sports, adventure, and weight-lifting focused fitness journey.

Previous products I’ve tried include a delicious lemonade grass-fed whey product, a ‘Naked Fire Shot’ organic cleansing product, and whey protein bars.

The most recent product I tried is the Naked Oats protein product, which can be found on the Naked Nutrition website here. The Naked Oats product is part of a three-product series that includes green apple cinnamon and chocolate peanut butter banana. 

The first thing I noticed about Naked Oats cinnamon roll flavor is that it is a unique mix of protein and dry oats, similar to overnight oats if you’ve ever had them from a health food store or cafe.

I whipped up a batch of oatmeal and added this protein product to the top of it and it blended seamlessly and tasted amazing. Naked Oats has 20 grams of grass-fed whey protein per serving, is GMO free and soy free and is free of artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

What makes it unique from a nutritional standpoint is that it has six grams of fiber per serving, good for 21% of the daily value of fiber. This can be a useful benefit, especially for people who are in a hurry to get to work or the gym and may be on a high-protein diet that is lacking in fiber.

The product is also gluten-free and contains 240 calories per serving making it a high-energy food, pre and post-workout supplement.

The two grams of sugar comes from fermented cane sugar, and the label also includes an amino acid profile. Amino acids are molecules used by the human body to create new proteins and this product is packed to the gills with them.

Learn More or Try Naked Oats by Naked Nutrition Here


Naked Oats Protein Flavor Profile 

Naked Oats has a really delicious flavor profile and scent, which comes from cinnamon, natural flavors and fermented cane sugar. I have taken it as an overnight oats type of dish with both hot and room temperature water added, as an oatmeal topper, and as a protein powder mixed with a frother.

If you like cinnamon oats you will definitely enjoy the flavor of this protein.

It is recommended to add to eight ounces of milk or in my case I used coconut milk which gave it an additional thickness, although it is already quite thick.

The addition of chia protein gives these protein oats additional micronutrients that set it apart from other protein powders. The subtle chia flavor adds nicely to the oats, whey and cinnamon making it a hearty pre and post-workout drink.

Chia seed protein is one of the more upscale protein ingredients on the market and not something I see often, and it’s also an ingredient that has always given me an abundance of energy, stamina and vitality which is why I greatly appreciate it being added to the mix of this Naked Oats product from Naked Nutrition.


Find more healthy grass-fed products on the Naked Nutrition website here


Altogether, I really, truly enjoyed this product. I have found that Naked Nutrition has some of the finest quality grass-fed whey protein in the world of nutrition which is why I’ve been taking their products for years.

I feel like this Naked Oats product works best as a topper for oatmeal. Although I prefer a bacon, eggs and coffee type of breakfast, I do eat hard cereals and oatmeal once or twice a week for getting more fiber in my diet so I appreciate the flexibility and change of pace this product provides.

My one major caveat is that the oats are not listed as certified organic. Otherwise, I truly appreciate Naked Nutrition’s commitment to unique and high quality products and I really enjoy their whey protein, electrolytes, and so many other products.


Special thanks goes out to Naked Nutrition for sending this sample product, which became a versatile and deliciously unique addition to my morning routine.

My personal favorite product from Naked Nutrition is their grass-fed, non-GMO chocolate whey protein from dairy cows that have been allowed to roam freely on green, rolling pastures. Learn more about it by clicking here. Naked whey is unique from other grass-fed whey protein companies in that their whey is sourced from areas where cattle have more days to graze on pastures in warmer weather than other protein powders sourced from Midwest dairy cows. Learn more in on the Naked Nutrition page here (this double chocolate flavor is one of the best I have had)


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