The Top Eight Countries With Highest Rates of Organic Food Consumption Have Been Revealed

Denmark is the number country for most consumption of organic food.


The world of organic food has expanded tremendously in the past few decades as the benefits of pesticide-free food and health risks of GMOs and have been revealed.

In the United States, labels denoting ‘BIOENGINEERED INGREDIENTS’ have finally begun popping up on food packages, a sight that European consumers have had the privilege of seeing for decades.

It should perhaps come as no surprise that European countries represent seven of the top eight countries with the highest market share of organic food purchases.

Recently, the top eight organic food consuming countries by percentage were revealed, and the United States has a long way to go to catch the seven European nations it’s currently looking up at on the most recent charts.


Denmark, Austria Lead the Way For Most Organic Countries 

The data was released by the statistics website and focused on 2023 purchases of organic food by country based on percentage of all food purchased.

The list is as follows:

  1. Denmark (15.2%)
  2. Austria (11.6%)
  3. Luxembourg (11.5%)
  4. Switzerland (10.4%)
  5. France (9.5%)
  6. Sweden (8.2%)
  7. Germany (8.2%)
  8. United States (7.2%)

The percentages excluded restaurants and pre-prepared, made on sight foods purchased away from home.


United States Maintains Largest Organic Food Market 

Whole Foods sign outside of its market.

Whole Foods Market is a top seller of organic food in the U.S.

The United States claimed the largest market for organic food even with its relatively low percentage compared to some European countries.

The total U.S. organic food market is now valued at $70 billion out of the $975 billion United States food market, a number that also excludes away from home purchases.

In Europe, food revenues totaled almost $2 trillion but lower organic food consumption in the Eastern and Southern parts constituted a 3.9 percent overall organic food sales percentage, constituting overall European continent sales of $77.6 billion.





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