The Best Oil For Calming a Bad Toothache. Packed Full of Antioxidants and Natural Numbing Agents

Aluminum foil. Cloves too!


Cloves are overlooked on the shelves of most health food and herbal stores. That doesn’t diminish the fact that they are one of the healthiest spices on Earth and one of the strongest disease-protective substances.

Shown in the picture above, cloves look like tiny sticks that can be chewed to unlock their health benefits.

Cloves have a savory, almost pungent taste that may be considered delicious to anyone who enjoys subtle and rich flavors outside of the norm.

Cloves are unique in that they are comprised of about 15-20% essential oil. The richness of the health compounds contained within each clove is something that must be tried to be believed.

The Benefits of Chewing on Cloves

I personally used to chew on them, a practice that is enjoyable if you don’t mind the taste. I personally like the taste quite a bit and enjoyed the health benefits provided by cloves very much.

Cloves help to improve digestion, jawbone health and bite strength as they keep your mouth busy for a long period of time. Chewing cloves helps to release and unlock the power of digestive enzymes in your saliva.

It’s one of the healthiest habits you can possibly develop if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional chewing gum (find organic cloves here).


Cloves Numb a Toothache Fast

In 2013 I had a terrible toothache that nothing seemed to heal. The pain was unbearable, the result of a tooth breaking off in my mouth and an infection that developed inside of the hole that resulted.

When the pain started, I immediately turned to a small bottle of clove oil I had in my bathroom cabinet.

The clove oil numbed the toothache pain better than anything I tried by far. Unfortunately, I ran out of clove oil at a certain time and had to resort to trying different folk remedies like whiskey (which didn’t do much to numb the pain at all).

I ordered more clove oil and eventually got a tooth implant in the space where the infection was instead of the root canal recommend by the original dentist who examined it (more on that story can be found in this article).

I personally applied the clove oil using cotton balls and the dropper included in my clove oil bottle at the time. It also can heal and numb a toothache through the swishing of the oil in your mouth along with a carrier oil like coconut oil if you so choose.

Buy clove oil for your home medicine cabinet

Cloves Protect Against Heart Disease

Cloves are one of the highest-antioxidant value foods in the world. Their off-the-charts antioxidant value gives them the strength to protect those consume them from diseases including cancer and heart disease.

“Cloves are full of antioxidants, including eugenol,” wrote Stephanie Booth in a medically reviewed article posted to

“The antioxidants found in cloves can help lower your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.”


Final Thoughts on Cloves

Cloves are one of the most underestimated spices and oils.

Their sky-high antioxidant content makes them a disease protection powerhouse and their fragrant scent awakens the senses, which is part of the reason why cloves are included in countless Christmas and other holiday recipes.


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