The Oil That Calms the Nerves of Children, Increases Energy and Uplifts Mood

Orange essential oil has tremendous list of health benefits for kids and adults alike


The list of the top ten fruits and vegetables sold in the United States includes bananas in the number one spot followed by apples, grapes, strawberries and melons.

Further down the list in the number nine spot is oranges, a tropical fruit that is packed full of Vitamin C, Calcium, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and Potassium.

Oranges have been a top 10 fruit for quite some time despite their tropical nature. What most people don’t understand from personal experience is that orange oil offers health benefits beyond what the fruit itself offers.

How Orange Essential Oil is Made

Orange essential oil is extracted from the rinds of the orange, the relatively hard outer shell that protects the fruit from pests before they are picked and harvested.

Leaves and flowers from the orange plant may also be used.

What results is a highly concentrated oil that is incredibly useful in a variety of applications. Substances acquired from pressing orange fruit constituents into orange essential oil are mostly terpenes, or compounds that give fruits and other plants their smells.


Orange Essential Oil for Mood

Orange essential oil helps to uplift and enhance the mood of those who use it. It is typically applied to the wrist and then inhaled, or applied topically to other parts of the body including the neck and behind the ears.

Orange oil has a lighter scent than similar plant oils, affecting the user in different ways than traditional oil products.

Orange Oil for Weight Management

Orange oil was tested in a laboratory setting and researchers found that it can help in weight loss and healthy weight management.

Overweight rats given an orange essential oil capsule for 15 days gained 41% less weight than those who didn’t get the capsule.

The makeup of their livers and fat tissue changed.

Orange oil can impact proteins, hormones, and hormone receptors in the body that improve an organism’s ability to lose weight and keep it off, the researchers concluded according to an article from



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Protects Skin Health

Orange oil is packed with Hyaluronic acid similar to other citrus fruits. Hyaluronic acid and other compounds in orange oil repair and protect the skin.

Orange oil promotes the production of collagen, the most abundant protein found in the human body. Production of collagen generally slows as people age, highlighting the importance of eating healthier and utilizing plant-based remedies like Orange Oil.

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Orange Oil Improves Sleep and Relaxation

Orange oil was found to be both calming and uplifting according to a 2015 review of plant-based oils mentioned by naturopathic doctor Josh Axe.

The review stated that Orange Oil is beneficial for people with insomnia.

Orange also relaxes the muscles and was listed as a useful oil for preventing mental fatigue.


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