Product Review: Naked Fire Shot Organic Cleansing Drink From Naked Nutrition

naked fire shot


Naked Nutrition is one of my favorite new nutrition brands I’ve tried in recent months, in large part because of their willingness to experiment and improve on their product formulas.

Makers of grass-fed whey protein bars, protein cookies and electrolyte drinks, Naked Nutrition has gotten much better about adding organic ingredients to the mix in recent months, which is why I was delighted to try their new Naked Fire Shot product.

Billed as a ‘Daily Detox and Energy Supplement,’ the Naked Fire Shot product looks like a Five-Hour Energy drink, but it actually has a far different purpose.

naked fire shot


The main ingredients list for the Naked Fire Shot Product is as follows: 

Raw apple cider vinegar

-Caffeine from green coffee

-Organic panax ginseng (100 mg)

-Ginger root 4:1 extract (85 mg)

-Organic Ashwagandha (50 mg)

Altogether, this ingredients blend is excellent for supporting mental altertness and health, along with detoxification.

I would have loved to have seen “organic apple cider vinegar” on the back of the product, but the rest of the ingredients are so good that it’s easy to overlook this detail.

Ginseng is one of my favorite supplements for its mental and physical health benefits, and ashwagandha is great for combatting stress on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis.


The secondary ingredients list for the Naked Fire Shot Product is as follows:


-Wildflower Honey

-Lemon Juice Concentrate

-Pear Juice Concentrate

-Pink Himalayan Salt


As you can see, these are some pretty incredible ingredients that offer a wide spectrum of nutrients.

Personally, I wish that they would indicate whether their water is filtered or not in terms of the first ingredient, “Water,” but this company has more of a body building focus than a 100% focus on purity, which I can understand.

Wildflower honey is another excellent ingredient in this mixture, which adds muscle-building potential as well as a source of healthy sugars, digestive enzymes and much more.

Lemon juice is another great ingredient in the Naked Fire Shot formula.

I personally use lemon juice often in my detox protocols, which is why I was glad to see it included in this product.

The pink Himalayan salt adds a kick of minerals that rounds out this mixture nicely.

Final Verdict on Naked Fire Shot Product 

naked nutrition fire shot

Overall, I would score this product a 7.5 out of 10.

The combination of detoxifying agents and mental alertness support ingredients is something quite unique for any company, let alone one focused on protein and bodybuilding supplements.

To learn more about Naked Nutrition products or to browse their selection, visit their website at

Check out the new Naked Fire Shot product by clicking here.


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