Controversial CURE? Woman Defeats Incurable Cancer Thanks to Measles. Studies Confirm Anti-Cancerous Benefits.

Stacy Erholtz was amazed at how well the measles virus worked on defeating her cancer. SOURCE: YouTube


In 2014 a woman with incurable cancer made national news when she went into remission after doctors purposefully infected her with a measles virus. This was not done with a vaccine, but an actual strong and concentrated virus, although in this case, lab-engineered.

Stacy Erholtz who battled the deadly multiple myeloma, tried every chemotherapy available and had two stem transplants with no results, but the measles virus saved her life. She had bad side effects for a few days like fever and vomiting, but her recovery was incredible.

This type of medicine is called virotherapy, and it uses a virus to damage cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells alone. The virus is also stimulating the person’s immune system, making it more adept at fighting cancer, CNN reported.



There were other five patients who tried this treatment at that time. One had a brief remission but then relapsed. The others did not respond to treatment because they already had measles antibodies. Could it be that the antibodies came from vaccines and did not have the same effect, yet prevented the virus from acting?

Many parts of the scientific community are now working with the virus to help find the cure, while the others are questioning if having measles as children would naturally protect us from getting cancers in the first place.

One proof of measles’ natural ability to fight cancer is a story from the 1970s of a boy in Uganda, who got measles by random chance, and it made a remarkable difference – his tumor went away. Although, in his case, it came back a few months later, it made many scientists think hard about the measles’ impact on cancer treatment and prevention.


Research on Using Measles to Fight Cancer

This year new research came out about one specific strain of the measles virus, the Edmonston strain. It was found to selectively kill just the mesothelioma cells (type of cancer), while leaving healthy cells alone.

The University of Minnesota reported that there are multiple strains of measles that would produce this effect.

Currently, there are multiple clinical trials in place to test these on patients, such as 8-year-old Elliot Burgos from Iowa for whom chemotherapy is not working, and the cancer is spreading to the brain and the spine.

There have also been numerous studies on natural infection by measles as a cancer preventative and treatment.

Contacting Measles and Other Childhood Infectious Diseases May Naturally Help Ward Off Cancer

Measles, as well as mumps, rubella, and chicken pox, are febrile diseases – ones that cause high fever. There have been several studies over the years that show that getting this type of disease as a child might protect one from getting cancer as an adult.

Here’s an overview of a few of them:

  • 1998: Febrile infectious childhood diseases (FICDs) are associated with lower risk of cancers, especially non-breast cancer types.
  • 2000: Measles and other FICDs are found to protect against Hodgkin’s Disease. It cuts the risk in half.
  • 2005: Exposing children to viruses and infections early on reduces the risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).
  • 2005: Adults who were not infected with FICDs are more likely to develop lymph cancer.
  • 2006: Exposure to FICDS reduces the risk of melanoma, ovary, and multiple combined cancers. Chronic infections are found to increase cancer risk, while acute infections lower it.
  • 2006: Most FICDs are linked to a lower risk of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL). Measles is found to have a protective effect against non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).
  • 2010: Early exposure to childhood infections lowers the risk of leukemia in children.
  • 2011: Potential long-term anticancer properties of a mumps infection are discovered.
  • 2016: Chickenpox has been linked to a 21% lower risk of glioma (type of brain and spinal cord tumor).

There are plenty of studies out there that point to infectious diseases to be protective against cancers. The only question many is asking is what is worse, getting measles with a very slight chance of death (at least in first world countries, that is, which have much better care, sanitation and nutrition), or getting cancer with a bigger chance of death and further suffering?

Everyone should decide for themselves taking the risk factors into the equation. But it is findings like these that make mandatory vaccine pushes a retraction of patients’ and their families’ rights to take their health into their own hands.

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