ALDI Becomes First Grocery Store Chain to Eliminate the Use of Plastic Bags in its Stores



The ALDI grocery store chain is known for its progressive stances on everything from shopping carts to organic food, although one of ALDI’s healthy food items was the subject of a lawsuit recently. A complete list of ALDI foods (including organic) was revealed.

The company revealed its newest environmentally friendly initiative recently, and it’s one that shoppers have been asking for for a long time.

ALDI Stops Plastic Bag Use at U.S. Locations

The Batavia, Illinois based grocery store chain operates over 23,000 stores across the United States and is known for its change-operated shopping carts among other innovations.

ALDI announced that customers will no longer have the option to choose plastic bags at checkout, the first major retailer of its kind to remove that option in the United States of America.

“As one of America’s fastest-growing retailers, we take our responsibility to lead the industry in sustainability seriously, so our customers don’t have to choose between shopping responsibly and saving money,” ALDI CEO Jason Hart said according to USA Today.

“Eliminating plastic shopping bags from our stores and transitioning to environmentally friendly refrigerant systems not only help us protect the environment, but they also help reduce costs, which we then pass on to our customers. These decisions help our customers feel good about shopping at Aldi and our employees feel proud to work here.”



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ALDI Reveals Reason for Plastic Bag Ban 

ALDI also said its decision to eliminate plastic shopping bags was done to prevent almost 5,000 tons, or nearly nine million pounds of plastic, from entering the environment naturally to the USA Today article.

The supermarket retailer said its cloth bags will be available in stores for purchase and bags will be sold to customers who forget to bring their own reusable bags.

The ALDI grocery store chain is famous for its unique approach to shopping. Several items can be found in bulk, and shopping carts are coin activated as a way to encourage shoppers to bring their carts back to the front of the store rather than leaving them strewn about the parking lot after shopping.

ALDI’s most popular items of all-time include cottage cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese, Mediterranean herb encrusted salmon and many more, which were listed in an article recently.


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