What Hillary Said 40 Seconds Into This Video Should Put Anyone Who Cares About Organic on Notice



Hillary Clinton is a former big money attorney with an incredible ability to put an effective “PR spin” on any just about anything. Considering that she’s extremely pro-GMO and her ties to Monsanto run deep, it’s well worth noting what she said at a recent event about selling GMOs to unsuspecting farmers…

Thanks to the tireless work of millions of activists, journalists and movements like the worldwide March Against Monsanto, the term “GMO” has become a word imbued with all sorts of negative connotations, one synonymous with the deception, health, and environmental risks of this dangerously under-tested technology.

But Monsanto and the Biotech industry in general are working to undo their years of hard work by “rebranding” GMOs, genetically modified food, and other industry terms that have become the target of activists everywhere.

In order to downplay the myriad health risks and GMOs’ tendency to contaminate natural and organic crops among other problems, the Biotech industry is now focusing on the alleged “benefits” of their lab creations and seeking to change the narrative, such as alleged vitamin content increases, crop traits and more. “Biofortified” is among the new buzzwords they industry is attempting to use to gain market acceptance and reverse the exodus of people away from GMOs.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who served as a cheerleader for GMOs at a recent industry convention (she gave the keynote address at the 2014 BIO Convention in San Diego) lays out the next phase of their strategy in this video footage from the event at the 40-second mark below, it’s something all activists should be aware of moving forward:

…“How do you create a different vocabulary (to talk about GMOs)…?” Hillary asks. That’s the most intriguing part of her talk, and it represents the next step of the great push to foist GMOs upon an unsuspecting world population. Be prepared.

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