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Derek Henry is the founder of Healingthebody.ca and a health coach with a long, extensive history of research on how to heal the human body, at both the professional and personal level.

He also utilized his research to reverse 13 different chronic illness conditions without the need for medications or other Western medicine interventions.

He distilled all of his knowledge and research into the THRIVE Online Health Program, which has helped many of his clients do the same (you can check out the program by clicking here).

Here is our interview with Mr. Henry, as well as a little more information about how you can heal yourself from the ground up naturally.

1. Tell us a little bit about your story and how you were able to overcome so many diseases without conventional medicine.

Derek Henry: My story began in 2005 at age 30, when I suffered crippling pain in my entire body. Every joint felt inflamed, and many muscles were completely locked up. It felt like acid was running through my veins and every body part was on fire. It took almost a year before I had a diagnosis, and at that time it was labeled rheumatoid arthritis. Devastated that this could happen to me at such a young age (despite my actions to live a healthier lifestyle many years prior) I vowed that I was not going to be a pill popper for the rest of my life, so I set out on a journey that had no plan or destination, just a resolve to figure it out as I went.

After finding a smidgen of relief through massage therapy and chiropractic work for 18 months, I was sent an article on the health benefits of broccoli. After reading the article, I started to investigate the website and found hundreds of articles on using nutrition and supplementation as a way to heal the body. Although this was a foreign concept at the time, I was ALL IN due to the vow to try anything outside the medical profession to ease my pain and suffering.

Well, within a few months I started noticing changes from diet alone. Then I incorporated a highly effective natural anti-inflammatory that reduced up to 90% of my pain. This allowed me to come off the prescriptions I had been taking reluctantly (on and off), and freed up some brain capacity to search other notable supplements and therapies that could aid me on my journey back to health.

Within 3 years of honing in my food, taking the best supplements, and utilizing a number of different natural therapies and detox protocols, I managed to get my health back to a very stable condition. I took another 2 years to further streamline my diet, supplements, and therapies, and got myself to a place that I hadn’t experienced in recent memory.

After all was said and done, I had spent around 3500 hours researching, $35,000 on supplements alone, and countless hours of experimentation and protocols. It turned out it was well worth it, as I managed to reverse 13 chronic disease conditions completely under my own steam (candidiasis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune issues (leaky gut and hypothyroid), swollen lymph nodes, prostatitis, liver problems, kidney (urinary) issues, allergies, heartburn (acid reflux), chronic fatigue, eczema, anxiety, and pancreas problems).

The following 5 years after that stage of the journey was done, I went into deeper healing of all areas of the body, and fully discovered that there is no condition that can’t be alleviated naturally, with the right motivation, diet, protocols, and support. I went on to prove this with others through my THRIVE Online Health Program, an educational platform that has helped teach people how to overcome their own health problems, to the tune of 20 disease conditions alleviated and counting since 2013.



2. What is the “one” biggest obstacle holding most people back from simply “feeling good” again in life the way they were when they were younger?

DH: The current obstacle that is blocking people’s ability to feel good again, is the lack of an organized plan that shows you how to be healthy in a “system” that has been set up to do the opposite.

The problem back in my days of healing was being able to find much information on natural ways to reverse chronic disease conditions and live a healthier lifestyle. Today, the problem for most people is that there is TOO MUCH information, and much of it conflicting, which has left people confused, tired, and giving up.

So once a person can find a legitimate and organized plan, that curates that sea of conflicting information, organizes it, and lays it out in a way that a person can just plug in, then the whole game changes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed you start to feel empowered and ready to take action. Then once you do and notice the changes, that fuels the fire to keep going until you reach a level of health you are truly comfortable with on a daily basis.

Having a coach or mentor during this healing process eliminates the second biggest hurdle, lack of expert guidance and support on a journey that will likely require it.

3. What do you say to someone who’s been on a diet before or been in shape before and thinks they can never make it back to that point?

DH: Anything that the body can create, it can eliminate. It’s as simple as that. So whatever has caused you to regress and get out of shape, can be remedied with the proper guidance. Understanding that most weight gain is due to poor nutritional and environmental choices for the individual, and not the lack of exercise, is the first step. It’s not that exercise isn’t important, but rather, understanding that a regimented training plan is a compliment to nutritional choices that nourish and detoxify.

I’ve proved this over and over again with people who couldn’t lose weight “no matter what they do”, by providing a nutritional plan that sheds the pounds without any formal exercise. Typically, people can lose 2-3 lbs a week by just following my nutritional plan, and it is NOT based on calorie restriction or any other complicating nuances like weighing, analyzing, and measuring your macronutrients.



4. Why not just give up, enjoy delicious unhealthy food for the rest of your life, not care about health and die at 55 or 60? Why even bother?

DH: Well, that certainly is an option and one that many people take. I believe everyone has free will to make choices, but what you have to remember is, you are not free from the consequences of those choices. Not only that, but any choices you make will reverberate through your friends, family, colleagues, etc so now others may suffer as the result of your choices.

I’ve never known ANYONE who has regretted a commitment to being healthier. However, I know MANY people who have regretted making poor choices when pain sets in and they see the writing on the wall that they will leave their loved ones early due to premature death. That is, if they are humble enough to admit their poor choices are why they are suffering.

As for “delicious, unhealthy food”, that’s a perspective. I, for one, think that healthy food is not only delicious but the best choice to drive up energy levels, create clarity, and remove unfriendly symptoms. If you don’t think healthy food is delicious, you’ve simply never prepared it correctly and gave yourself a chance to appreciate it.

And personally, I don’t think anyone wants to feel bad or just throw in the towel, I just think they don’t know the way to be healthier and are too tired or confused to figure it out. That’s where someone like me comes in, to lift that veil and show people that they can feel more vibrant in their advanced years, so they can stay active and happy.

So, what you need to really ask yourself is would you rather be in shape, happy, clear headed, and mobile, OR be sick, overweight, in pain, crippled, and confined primarily to your home? Because that’s the end game between eating healthy and not, and those consequences often last for DECADES. Choose wisely.

5. Talk about the biggest difference between taking pills and getting an immediate effect vs. the long term approach with holistic health. Also, I understand you have a spring offer on the THRIVE Online Health Program for AltHealthWorks readers? When can people start?

DH: The biggest difference is that taking prescriptions leads to long term damage to the body while not alleviating the source of the symptoms. So you may get relief now, but more pain will inevitably come up later and will compound if you decide to do this long term. These medications will disrupt digestion, harm the liver, and threaten to break your brain if you take them for any length of time. These consequences are not an IF, but a WHEN, and anyone who has been on medications knows there can be several, noticeable side effects (and some very unnerving ones).

A holistic approach is the superior route for long term health, and it can also create results quite quickly. For example, I took a prescription for a short period of time that covered up the pain (but actually made me feel worse in other ways), until I discovered a completely natural pain killer that with the proper diet, extinguished my excruciating pain within 2 weeks! That’s relatively quick, and shows how well the body responds when give the right medicine. With a holistic and natural approach, you can completely avoid any toxic side effects that are generated by conventional medicine, so not only can you get relief now, but you can avoid any disturbing consequences later. It’s really a win-win, and I show people how to do this all the time.

As for my THRIVE Online Health Program, I do have a spring special the week of March 18 – 25th, and you can see more on that and the discounts, here.

People can start at any time during that time frame and get the spring special, and once registered, can start incorporating the plan as soon as they desire. It’s your program and you can go at it at your pace, and never get left behind. However, the best time is to start NOW, because why would you want to continue to live with unwanted symptoms and delay your health and happiness? Every minute spent in discomfort or not living to the level of your health you desire, is a day wasted that you could have spent healthier and happier!

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