A Different Kind of “Awareness:” 60-Plus Promising Natural Treatments for ALS Sufferers


There’s been a lot of talk lately about the truth behind the ALS Association now that the organization and the disease have entered the spotlight through the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

The viral social media phenomenon has spread far and wide with millions of people “challenging” each other on social media to donate and/or dump ice water on their heads, but what are they really supporting?

Natural ALS treatments have shown plenty of promise, as was the case with one man who used coconut oil to stop his own ALS symptoms, but these stories receive little to no attention in the mainstream media. There is also the concern that the ALS Association doesn’t spend nearly enough on research, as a recent article from the website Health Impact News reveals that the total is only about 27% goes to research.

With so much confusion out there about what ALS really is and how best to help people, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of natural treatments that show promise for ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases.

These treatments may not necessarily be “cures” in the way we view that word since every body, mind and spirit are different and need different whole-person approaches to healing.

But if science really were smart enough to raise the funds needed to research these promising natural treatments for ALS, we may well be surprised at what they would find.


Some of these natural treatments include (in parentheses, info taken from the Natural ALS Interventions page):

-Acupuncture: By allowing better blood flow and energy flow throughout the body, simple acupuncture sessions can make a huge difference in ALS patients.

Significant neurological improvement in two patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis after 4 weeks of treatment with acupuncture injection point therapy using enercel.”

-Detoxing or Reducing Lead Exposure: Avoiding lead may help with prevention and detoxing it may help patients improve:

“ALS was also associated with blood and bone lead levels, with a 1.9-fold increase in risk for each mug/dl increment in blood lead and a 2.3- to 3.6-fold increase for each doubling of bone lead.”

-Vitamin D Increase- Make sure you get at least 20-30 minutes of quality sunlight each day…

“Eighty-one percent of (ALS) patients had a vitamin D level lower than 30 ng/mL and 43% had a vitamin D level lower than 20 ng/mL.”

These are just three of 60-plus natural ALS treatments that have been documented for allowing patients and sufferers to regain control of their health.

To read the article in its entirety from GreenMedInfo.com, click here.


Below you can also view a video of the man who stopped his own ALS symptoms with coconut oil.

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