Add Rhubarb to Your Daily Diet (and These Six Things Happen)

Rhubarb is a sour yet sweet vegetable that many people think is a fruit.

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Rhubarb is one of the most unique edible plants on planet Earth for innumerable reasons, as it has a sweet and sour flavor profile that is not necessarily enjoyed by a large audience.

This red, edible plant is a member of the Polygonaceae family, similar to buckwheat, but it was classified as a fruit by the United States government in 1947 since import taxes on fruits were cheaper than vegetables.

Rhubarb is edible from the starks to the leaves, although the leaves are toxic when eaten in large amounts because of their high concentration of the anti-nutrient and toxin oxalic acid, which is present in many other vegetables at lower levels.

This spring favorite crop is often added to pies and other sweet recipes to counteract its bitterness, and it offers many incredible health benefits worth learning about before your next purchase, or decision to add it to your home garden.


Eight Health Benefits of Rhubarb 

  1. Weight loss/weight management- Rhubarb contains plant compounds that reduce weight naturally. They speed up metabolism, increasing your body’s ability to burn fat in a healthy manner.
  2. Improve digestion- Rhubarb can help your body to have healthy bowel movements and it can cure bloating and constipation related problems.
  3. Improves bone health- Much like celery, rhubarb is shaped like bones and is rich in minerals that help to improve bone health.
  4. Protects against Alzheimer’s- Rhubarb contains a compound called rhaponticin that is effective in preventing and protecting your neurological system from the negative effects of amyloid beta, which lead to the creation of amyloid plaques found in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s.
  5. Rich in antioxidants- Rhubarb has more disease-protective antioxidants than kale according to one study.
  6. Improves circulation- Red foods often provide benefits for circulation and rhubarb is no exception. It contains copper and iron for boosting red blood cell count and increasing circulation in the body.
  7. Diabetes management- The aforementioned rhaponticin compound can help diabetics to manage their blood sugar.
  8. Cancer prevention- Rhubarb contains compounds like lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to prevent cancer.

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