Breaking News: 13 Brands of Cheese Linked to Deadly Listeria Outbreak, Including 365 From Whole Foods

Whole Foods Cheese linked to deadly Listeria outbreak.


Cheese is a healthy food when consumed in the right form.

Sometimes, cheese becomes subject to outbreaks of pathogens as has been the case recently according to a new report.

The report was released by Food Safety News on January 6 and details a deadly Listeria outbreak that has been linked to the deaths of at least two people.

The outbreak involved over ten brands of cheese and three Mexican style types of cheese.


Twenty-two People Interviewed in Cheese Outbreak

Twenty-two people were interviewed as part of the cheese outbreak.

Among them, 16 people reported eating queso fresco, cotija, or other similar Mexican-style cheeses.

Those who remembered specific brands reported Don Francisco.

Those who got sick range in age from age one to 88 years old. Fifty-eight percent of those who fell ill were female.

A nationwide database is being used to track down patients who may have become sick from eating these and similar cheese, and recalls have been announced.


Cheese Brands to Watch Out For, Linked to Listeria 

Twenty-six people have been confirmed as outbreak patients thus far and 23 have been hospitalized according to the Food Safety News Report.

The brands linked to the outbreak include:

  • Campesino
  • 365 Whole Foods Market
  • Don Francisco
  • Dos Ranchitos
  • El Huache
  • Food City
  • Tia Francisco
  • Rio Grande
  • Rizo Bros
  • San Carlos
  • Santa Maria
  • La Ordena
  • Casa Cardenas

Products were voluntarily recalled by Rizo-Lopez Foods, including yogurts and cheeses sold under the names above.

For information and a complete list of products to watch out for that may still be on store shelves, check out this link.




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