The rarely eaten Amazon fruit that provides up to 750% of your Daily Value of Vitamin C Per Teaspoon



Camu Camu- An Amazon Rainforest grown Superfood.


It may seem like the most abundant vitamin of all, but hundreds of thousands of Americans are deficient in Vitamin C. That’s the bad news, especially in times where health is many people’s number one priority.

The good news is that getting more of it in your diet can help heal your body and protect you from many disease conditions, especially when you get it from one potent source, the Camu Camu berry from the Amazon Rainforest, which is believed to be one of if not the top sources of the vitamin on Earth.

Unlike many other mammals, human beings lost their own natural ability to make Vitamin C, so we have no choice but to synthesize it from outside sources.

While synthetic Vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, can help in many instances, natural Vitamin C providers a far wider range of health benefits.

Vitamin C Benefits the Immune System

Vitamin C is among the most important components of a potent immune system, especially considering all of the functions it allows the body to perform.

According to product nutrition labels, Camu Camu powder can deliver up to 750% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C per teaspoon (5 grams).

Vitamin C is essential for:

– Healing wounds

-Repairing and maintaining bones and teeth

-Helping the body make collagen, which is needed to create blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and skin.

-Potentially helping to manage high blood pressure

Potentially lowering your risk of heart disease 

Source: Healthline 




Vitamin C Benefits: Consider the Source


camu berry

A blooming Camu berry plant in the Amazon Rainforest.

Many people take Vitamin C supplements and they can be helpful, but those who do are missing out on a larger spectrum of benefits provided by superior sources like Camu Camu, rose hips, and even oranges.

Important: The vast majority of lifeforce-deficient “commercial” Vitamin C is made from, well, the same substance just about every food or supplement seems to be made of in the U.S., corn.

Corn as in the cheap, starchy commodity crop that has been altered and genetically modified (into a GMO, or genetically modified organism) to the point where it can sometimes do more harm than good in our bodies.

According to the landmark 2007 book “The Hundred-Year Lie” by Randall Fitzgerald about the FDA’s failures to keep Americans healthy, 90 percent of all U.S. Vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid) comes from a single plant in Nutley, New Jersey, where the acid, aka “Vitamin C” is made from corn starch, corn sugar, and a variety of volatile acids used in a sped-up fermentation process. This corn is oftentimes genetically modified.

Studies back up the viewpoint that natural supplements provide more benefits, including works published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the Royal Society of Chemistry in Great Britain, and the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Most people still consume isolated, synthetic Vitamin C, however.

A man named Dr. Szent-Gyorgi won a Nobel Prize for his work with Vitamin C in 1937, and while he did discover how to isolate the vitamin, he still recommended that people consume Vitamin C in its most natural and complete forms whenever possible.



Camu Camu Berry: Provides Up to 750% RDA Per Teaspoon of Vitamin C

The best sources of Vitamin C from everyday foods include bell peppers, oranges, strawberries, broccoli and more, as shown by this chart from ‘The World’s Healthiest Foods.’

But perhaps the best source of Vitamin C on the planet is the aforementioned Camu Camu berry, which is native to South America, specifically the Amazon Rain Forest.

Camu Camu has between 10 and 30 times the Vitamin C of oranges according to and multiple other sources.

You can learn more about the health benefits of Camu Camu in the video below.

Where to Find Organic Camu Camu

Most health food stores carry Camu Camu powder from companies like Navitas Naturals, Sunfood and similar brands, but these tend to be a little chalkier and less nutrient dense than the top quality brands.

I personally used to get mine from the now-defunct Amazon Herb company, which sourced its Camu direct from small farm operations in the Amazon Rainforest.

Since the Amazon Herb Company is no longer operating (it was bought by Trivita years ago), the best and most potent Camu Camu I’ve tried comes from the Standard Enzyme Company, which you can get from its website or from naturopaths, or from E3 Live, which often includes its Camu Camu in brain-boosting blue green algae formulas like this one.

The company’s Camu Camu is unique because it is wild harvested from Peruvian rainforests and is not irradiated or fumigated.

You can learn more about it or check it out by clicking here.

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