Man Overcame 3 Deadly Diseases Naturally, Including Heart Disease and Cancer —Here’s How He Did It


Heart disease and cancer are the top two killers of Americans among disease conditions according to the CDC, and both are preventable by making the correct diet and lifestyle choices.

Despite this, hundreds of thousands continue to die from heart disease and cancer each year, and rates of chronic disease remain astronomical 6 in 10 Americans now have a chronic disease, also according to the CDC, and 4 in 10 adults have at least two chronic diseases.

As the old saying goes, “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society,” but that’s exactly what seems to be happening here, as millions of people become mired in the same cycle of chronic disease, prescription drugs, surgery, and ultimately an early, and oftentimes painful death.

Sixty-three-year-old Ian Clark of Canada was headed in that same direction at age 46, after being told he had what doctors said were heart disease, colon cancer, and “what they wanted to call liver cancer,” as he tells it 14 years later.

Ian Clark, Activation products founder

Ian Clark, age 63


Naturally curious and having witnessed both of his uncles dying in their early 50’s, Clark refused to accept the gloomy picture that was being painted of his future by doctors and began to investigate the root causes of his health conditions.

“In my estimation I never had cancer,” he said about his terminal cancer diagnosis in a recent interview.

“But because I would never allow a biopsy or a final diagnosis, and I knew that even if they said I had it, I was not interested in their treatments.”

I Had to Take Responsibility For Myself”

Unwilling to accept the doctors’ treatment methods, Clark began questioning them on how he became so sick in the first place.

Instead of explanations of the root causes, all he got in return were statistics.

“So I would ask the question, a very good question, why do you think I have this problem in your experience, what would be the reasons?

“And the doctors, every one of them just kept referring back to statistical data saying, ‘Hey, this is nothing unusual, guys in their 40s get this often;’ and it’s like, ‘Okay, but if you can’t tell me why I have what I have, how can I trust you to deal with the problem?’”

Clark had a cyst between his legs and prostate that doctors wanted to cut out, but he hesitated after reading online that the cyst would likely come back even worse at a future date based on previous statistical data taken from other patients.

“I thought about getting that part of my body worked on with a surgeon with a knife where all the plumbing is, and I was like, ‘I am not comfortable with this.’” he recalled.



Despite intense feelings of overwhelm, Clark pressed forward, embarking on his own holistic health journey to heal himself from the ground up.

It started with a full, honest evaluation of how he had steered his ship into troubled waters, so to speak, and how he could begin turning it around, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour.

“I had to take responsibility for myself,” he said in the interview, which can be seen in full here.

“Instead of running to find a guru or a doctor or someone who would fix me, I realized I had been sowing a lot of seeds in my life that I didn’t know were harming me.

“So when you start reaping an ugly harvest you wonder, ‘Wow, what’s up? And you find out, oh, I didn’t know I was doing it like this and this and this…So you have to stop continuing to plant the bad seeds because you’re going to keep harvesting them.

“But you can’t just get out of the harvest, you have to harvest everything.”



We Have a Big Shift Happening”

Clark, who founded the natural and organic supplement company Activation Products in 2014, considers himself to be “super healthy” today at age 63.

He got in shape, dropped the beer belly and went from going bald to growing a full head of hair again due in large part to cutting out stress from his life and change his dietary, supplement, and nutrition routine.

He’s now looking forward to the future instead of dreading it.

“I went from being 46 with a thousand days left to live to being 63 with who knows, 20,000 days? We’ll see,” he said.

“Thankfully today, all of those (diseases) are long gone.”

ian clark

Clark with award-winning health journalist Frankie Boyer.

When asked how he was able to heal himself from conditions mainstream medicine typically cannot cure, it’s hard not to think that divine intervention played a major role.

It was his son Anthony, however who got the ball rolling by offering support in Clark’s darkest hour.

“Anthony snapped me out of it. He woke me up,” Clark said. “He reminded me that this is the real world. That things only get better when you make them better.

“I remember the day he came to me. He was calm, collected. He told me, ‘You’re sick and broken. You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself.

“In that moment, I decided to take my life back. In that moment I decided that if I was broken, it was time to rebuild. I looked Anthony in the eye, got up from my bed, handed him the family camera and told him to take a photo of me.”

With that powerful gesture, Clark’s path forward became abundantly clear.

“I asked my doctor to hold off on the surgery. I wanted to give myself some time to make things better on my own.

“I took a huge risk doing that and I don’t suggest you ever ignore your doctor, but I felt like I had no other options. I didn’t want to be sliced open. I didn’t want to live the next ten years relying on pills. To me, that was giving up.”

What Clark lost in medical guidance, he gained in camaraderie with Anthony, as the father-son duo became researchers and healthy lifestyle companions.

“Anthony and I started reading everything we could get our hands on about nutrition, superfoods, you name it,” Clark said.

“We completely changed the way we ate. If my problems started in my gut, we figured the solution should start there too.”

The solution also came in the form of others who each offered up a piece to the healing puzzle that could not be found anywhere else. It all started coming together when Clark made the commitment to finding the answers himself.

But first, he had to scratch and claw his way to a new starting point. To move forward in spite of his mounting health challenges.

“Well I’ll fast forward, it turns out that I met all the people who did know (the root causes and how to heal them); it took several years but fortunately, I started learning about detox and cleaning up my diet and all those things right away.

“I was able to extend the 1,000 days to 5,000 days to give myself some bandwidth,” Clark explained further.

“It was fungal infections, heavy metals, like crazy amounts of heavy metals; bacterial infections, chemical sensitivities, and just an overall body that was majorly stressed and reacting.”

Clark made healing his new passion in life.



The key to finding the answers is to stay open minded, he said.

“When I met people who had something correct, I was all ears, I was willing to do whatever it takes,” he said.

“How much money is it going to cost? That’s okay. How much time? That’s fine. Am I going to suffer? Okay, am I going to have fun? Let’s do that too.

“So it was this whole spectrum of, ‘whatever it takes,’ and you know when you get to the place where you say, ‘whatever it takes,’ you’re going to be in for a pretty good ride at that point.”

Three Foundational Foods That Changed Clark’s Life

For Clark, the changes came fast and furious, and began with switching up his diet from “lots of fast food and restaurant food” to a non-toxic, whole foods and organic foods based diet combined with key micro and macronutrients supporting his body’s natural healing mechanisms at the cellular level.

Along with dietary changes and reducing the stress of working 90 hours per week, Clark began refining his supplement routine to include three key items that he said provide the type of foundational micro and macronutrients for ideal health:

  1. Marine phytoplankton
  2. Purified Magnesium
  3. Raw, cold-pressed organic seed oils.

One of Clark’s biggest revelations came in 2007 when he tried marine phytoplankton for the first time, and noticed that it was “charging (his) battery.”

“I couldn’t explain it other than that, and I didn’t know how it was doing that but it was doing this thing; it was like a reserve, it wasn’t like a coffee at all, it was like this deep charge.”

Clark began taking it consistently and shared it with others at a health event in California.

“They were like ‘Wow, what is this stuff?’” he said.

According to Clark, marine phytoplankton has every single molecule know to man including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, C0Q9 and more; all 65 nutrients the body needs to build and maintain its cells.

“So when you take it and it’s all heirloom natural, your body intelligence knows, when you’re putting something in at that level it’s like, ‘Hmm…I’ve never seen that come in before. I know what to do with that.

“So your body automatically goes and it starts doing wonderful things with it.”



Already a hard worker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Clark became obsessed with the power of marine phytoplankton, and began his search to find the highest quality form.

This ancient superfood consumed by everything from the largest whales and other marine mammals in sea all the way down the food chain and back up again became his latest superfood passion, and the foundation for a new company that would also be life-changing.

“In 2009 we set up a small sole proprietorship in California,” Clark said. “People were asking us, where do we get it and I said, I can get some, it just took some time. We had to fly in materials from Europe.”

The healing power of marine phytoplankton quickly spread through recommendations by online influencers, as Clark and his team amassed $2.8 million in retail sales within the first 24 months a holistic success story that ran parallel to Clark’s own flourishing health.

“We weren’t even online, we just had people who had followers who knew, ‘Hey, that person’s got some interesting information so I’m listening to them,’” Clark explained.

“People would say, I know this guy from California who’s got this marine phytoplankton, and this is a major upgrade for your whole body, and that’s how it went…We didn’t do any marketing at all for two years.

“At that time we didn’t even have a company, I just knew we had to be really clean with everything sterilized, and we never had a call back, but it was a phenomenal experience because people loved it more and more.”

The success of Clark’s favorite foundational health product led to the formation of his company Activation Products in 2014, which now has offices in Ontario, Canada and Las Vegas, as well as a fulfillment center in Denver.

For Clark, his son and the team, the journey continued to find the best foundational healing products on Earth, from mineral supplements to organic plant based potions and more.

“And to define that is to filter it out until you know what the core foundations are that you’re standing on to make sure your body can build their perfect health,” Clark said.

“In every way; you know, digestive, respiratory, endocrine system.

“Everything you can think of in your human operation system, to make it all work in symmetry.”

Eventually, Clark began to dial in his supplement routine, and his company’s offerings.

Instead of merely surviving, he finally began to have fun again.

“And I’m coming from so far behind the eight ball, it was hilarious that I actually became super healthy in the end,” Clark mused.

His flagship marine phytoplankton product was dubbed “Oceans Alive,” in reference to the immense amount of life the ocean is teeming with, all fed by the chlorophyll and sea mineral rich superfood that helped Clark heal his own body without mainstream medicine (as well as the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ movie series).

Later, Activation Products began focusing on perfecting a second foundational nutrient for public consumption: magnesium.

Magnesium is found in several different foods including leafy greens, meat, eggs, seafood, beans and lentils, but after much research, Clark settled on a topical, highly purified form that would allow for absorption through the skin.

Again, the focus was placed firmly on creating lasting energy at the cellular level, and magnesium was an easy choice.

“The biggest thing, you’ll notice, the first significant change when taking our magnesium product EASE is in your mood, where you’re like chill, energized and happy,” Clark said.

“Because anxiety and concern is often related to a magnesium deficiency.”



Magnesium is the first mineral our bodies dump when we’re stressed, and a lack of magnesium has been associated with a greater risk of serious adverse events like strokes and heart attacks according to French researchers.

“In one study, they found that over 330 biochemical reactions in your body need magnesium,” Clark said, adding that it can even help IBS and Crohn’s sufferers.

“Digestion relies on magnesium as a core element. Too much internally and you might get the runs, and dump other important minerals getting through the skin.

“We created a form of magnesium that doesn’t tax the kidneys and goes right into your lymphatic system, generally within 90 seconds.

“In my personal opinion, this is one of the macro fuels that you have to add to your system.”

Eventually, Clark returned to his primary physician and shared how far he had come in his healing journey.

“I went back to the doctor and my results shocked him,” he said. “I was still suffering from some pretty intense health issues but every day I could feel my body getting stronger, healthier.”

The stage was set for Clark to discover yet another foundational food: pressed, organic raw seed oils.

“Then, I got even luckier,” Clark said. “I met a man who pressed raw seed oils. We started talking. I told him about my gut issues and health problems, and he handed me a bottle and suggested that I try some of his oil.

“Now, I know it sounds crazy, but within the first three days I could tell something was different. I felt like I was suddenly giving my body the exact thing it had been missing.

“It felt like healing a bottle.”

Later, Clark linked up with a German engineer who developed the pressing technology to make the oils, which include black cumin seed oil (also known as “the remedy for everything but death”), coriander oil, and amaranth oil.

Clark and his team moved to a small town in Ontario, Canada named Cobourg, began hiring more employees, and the company continued its impressive cycle of growth.

“Activation products started growing almost as quickly as I was healing,” Clark said.



I Didn’t Just Recover; I Didn’t Just Rebuild; I Was Reborn”

In a time where mainstream media pushes drugs and other treatments that work against the body’s natural chemistry and healing mechanisms, Clark and his team have continued to refine and improve their approach.

That’s me now. Healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. I didn’t just recover, I didn’t just rebuild; I was reborn,” Clark says on the company’s website.

“These superfoods have given me a second chance. A new lease on life.”

Currently employing about 50 people, Activation Products has continued to grow.

“Some of us are experiencing top level health, some of us are still rebuilding our bodies, but every single one of us has the same drive I had ten years ago,” Clark said.

“The same hunger for discovery. The same commitment to feeling better and better day by day.”

The message is simple: what you put into your body matters, no matter what the media tells you.

And medicine from nature really does heal even in dire situations like the ones faced by Clark.

“Whatever issues brought you here today can be solved,” he said.

“You just need to take a leap of faith. Our products are naturally improving quality of life for thousands of people right now. Don’t live your life running on empty like I did.

“Don’t settle for subpar health.”

This article was based on an interview conducted with Ian Clark that was recently posted to the AltHealthWorks YouTube channel, which can be viewed here.

For informational purposes only; this does not constitute medical advice. See our full disclaimer here.

Also, feel free to let us know what you think about this story in the comments section below!

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