Coconut Oil Offers Lots of Benefits for Cats and Dogs – But How Much Should You Give Them?


The state of pet food in America is deplorable at best, with even “natural” pet foods contaminated by things like genetically modified ingredients and industrial additives that may be natural but probably shouldn’t qualify as food.

Coconut oil is great for dogs and cats.

Coconut oil is great for many different breeds of dogs. You should consult with a vet before feeding it to them, however.

Some people have even reported an increase in tumors in their pets since the advent of GMOs.

Although there’s only anecdotal evidence so far and no major studies have been done, it is worth noting that these and other side effects do correlate with independent studies on lab animals.

Regardless of whether you feed your pet the best organic and non-GMO food or not, our pets can benefit from an infusion of coconut oil in their diets, just like humans do.

Coconut oil is great as a topical treatment for hair, skin and nails, and it is excellent when taken internally for our pets as well.

According to this article from the website Health Impact News, coconut oil can help improve your dog or cat’s cardiovascular health, metabolism, digestion, bone health and much more.

Different animals enjoy coconut oil differently than others, but it is often mixed into a dog’s food to get them to eat it.

Typically the best way to do it is to add to food once a day to start out, using about a teaspoon for large to medium sized breeds to begin with before noticing how they react and then increasing the dosage as necessary.

One German Shepherd owner saw their older dog spring back to life thanks to a coconut oil supplementation regiment, something they noticed from their time in the Philippines where dogs and cats seemed to thrive on coconut oil in their diets.

Want to know how much coconut oil to give your dog or cat each day?


Check out the full article from Health Impact News by clicking on this link.

(And if you’re looking for a high quality coconut oil try this one from Tropical Traditions)




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