“Very Powerful Evidence of Tumors:” Concerned Senator Calls Out Feds, Demands Answers on 5G-Cancer Link


5G wireless risks

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is not happy about the FCC’s decision to fast track 5G wireless technology without safety studies.



The new 5G wireless network from companies like AT&T and Verizon promises faster speeds and more connectivity for the customer, but is it actually, well, safe?

According to one senator from Connecticut, we still don’t know yet — even with thousands of the smaller new towers expected to be built by the end, for the sole purpose of bathing the country in the same form of millimeter wave radiation used by airport body scanners.

The new 5G is a major step forward for wireless technology communications, experts say. But it also could be one of the biggest health mistakes in human history, if the results of a recently released 10-year, $30 million study are any indication.

5G Carries “Unknown and Unstudied” Health Risks, Senator Warns

Echoing a call to action from Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a renowned public health expert from the University of California-Berkeley who called the technology a “massive health experiment on all species,” Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure the safety of millions of Americans.

The true effects of 5G are “unknown” and have been “understudied,” the senator said at his December 3 press conference, which can be seen in its entirety below.

“That is a sign of neglect and disregard on the part of the Federal Communications Commission that seems unacceptable,” he added.


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Blumenthal, who has previously called for the creation of a new food agency to replace the FDA, has long been focused on health, and he doesn’t believe that the FCC is following proper scientific method with 5G.

“In order to reach a conclusion about the health and safety of this new technology, we need facts,” he said. “We need evidence.”

Evidence on 5G cancer risks hasn’t been uncovered yet due to a lack of research, but lesser frequencies from 2G and 3G cell phones have already been linked to cancer in a $30 million study on rats.

The study, which lasted ten years and was released in 2018, was mentioned by Blumenthal as a major red flag.

As noted in this article from the Connecticut newspaper the Journal Enquirer, the National Toxicology Program released research finding “clear evidence” that male rats exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation, comparable to frequencies used in 2G and 3G cellphones, developed cancerous heart tumors.

Current safety standards for the powerful wireless towers are based on outdated technology from 1996, Blumenthal noted. If these less powerful technologies are capable of such a risk, what effect will the new 5G towers have on humans and animals alike?

Nearly one million of the souped-up 5G towers are expected to be installed across the country by 2026. If the safety data is as thin as Blumenthal and researchers believe it is, human beings and animals alike will become test subjects.

“I don’t want to minimize the advances or the progress that it may reflect, that it will make the Internet quicker and maybe more reliable,” Blumenthal said at the press conference, discussing a letter he wrote to the FCC.

“But at what cost is the question. And all I’m asking from the FCC is do your job and study the health hazards.”


Read the full letter here, and watch a video of his press conference below:

How to Oppose 5G in Your Area

Already, one California town managed to stop 5G towers from being constructed using strategies like the ones below.

The website EMFSafetyNetwork.org offers the following tips for opposing 5G in local government:

EMF safety

A small cell phone tower. Via EMFSafetyNetwork.org

1. Keep watch for “Small cell tower” permits in your city or county- Call the local government to find out who manages telecommunications applications. Note that they may deny that “small cell” towers are 5G in conversations.

2. Educate your local community on health risks- See the website for a brochure to print and distribute, or email to others.

3. Share important news articles on 5G safety risks- Many local officials are unaware of the risks.

4. Send letters and emails- Protesting the towers in writing is an effective way to raise awareness.

5. Create fliers to help spread the word- A sample flier is available on the EMF Safety Network’s website, along with information on independent RF (radio frequency) specialists to assist in gathering data to use in campaigns.

6. Speak at city meetings- This letter used in the city of Sebastopol, CA is a great source of information to use.

The town waged a fierce campaign against 5G towers and forced Verizon to back down from their request.

Their story is a perfect example for any city or county wishing to prevent these towers from being built.

How to Protect Yourself from 5G and Cell Phone Radiation

Alternatively, you can also invest in EMF protection for yourself and home.

5G blocking home device

An EMF-blocking Stetzerizer filter from Amazon.com

Former Air Force electrician and inventor Dave Stetzer has been gaining notoriety in recent years for his line of EMF blocking products, which plug into electrical outlets and block “dirty EMFs” in the home. The products are slightly controversial due to their highly technical nature, and not all reviews are positive.

But Stetzer’s “Stetzerizer” filters have gotten many five-star reviews on Amazon.com, including one from user Brigit A.:

“I really appreciate this product, because I saw measurements showing how much it reduces the dirty EMF,” she wrote here.

Another user, J. Rivera, noticed a positive improvement in their daughter’s sleep using the filters (you can learn more or purchase one here).

Cell phone radiation blocking devices are also available for EMF protection, including this one from SafeSleeve (it blocks up to 99% of all  measurable of EMFs according to FCC certified lab tests).

This article was first written in 2018 and updated in 2023. 

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