Engineer Turned Farmer Tells Audience “Why Organic Food is the Future” in Eye-Opening New TEDx Talk


The unfortunate reality of the world we live in today is that organic farming is still seen as anything but conventional (and organic food is also still seen as a specialty item, for that matter).

But if Ashmeet Kapoor gets his way, the term “organic” will be actually be abolished from our lexicon in the next 5-10 years.

That’s because Kapoor believes that organic and truly sustainable farming is the answer to many of the world’s problems and should become the only type of farming practiced if we really want to heal the world.

It’s a realization he came to after leaving his native India and working in Canada and the United States as an engineer and entrepreneur before returning to start a new company in line with his ideals. 

Kapoor, the founder of ‘I Say Organic,’ a company working towards making organic products in India conveniently available and accessible, gave a TEDx talk in Leh, India in late August describing why he believes so strongly in organic and sustainable living, and how he came to that conclusion.

Kapoor at a TEDx talk in India.

Kapoor at a TEDx talk in India.


An excerpt: “Rare diseases have become mainstream…in the last few decades at the same time, we’ve seen the plight of farmers in India (in large part due to failed GMOs from Monsanto) and across the world…”

Kapoor believes that organic living and farming can not only solve our personal health problems but also the health problems of the planet in general.

In the 10+ minute TEDx talk below, he describes his own personal experience as a self-taught organic farmer (how he fared will actually be a big surprise to anyone who thinks organic farming is too “difficult”), click below to watch: 


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