New York Gov. Cuomo Announces Partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “Reimagine Education,” Draws Backlash from Educators and Parents

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The former founder of the Microsoft computer corporation, Bill Gates has risen to the number two position on the list of the world’s top five richest people for 2020 according to, with an estimated net worth of 98 billion dollars.


Gates Foundation Has Previously Proposed Embeddable Vaccine IDs for Children

While Gates was once focused mostly on the computer business, he now has turned most of his attention to the Gates Foundation, investing in an increasingly large portfolio of world-changing (and highly controversial) projects, including the funding of a project to block out the sun with geoengineering alongside Harvard reserchers, the creation of genetically engineered (GMO) mosquitoes to be released in at least two U.S. states soon, a program to outfit small farmers with GMO lab altered seeds, and many others.

The Gates Foundation has also been heavily involved in technology over the years, including its decision to fund the creation of a “technology that embeds immunization records into a child’s skin,” using a “quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a vaccine, by a microneedle patch,” according to a 2018 article written by Scientific

The device, which uses microneedles to deliver the dye, can later be scanned and read via a smartphone.


invisble ink bill gates microchip

A device funded by the Gates Foundation designed by MIT researchers to be placed under children’s skin. The device is can be read via a smartphone to determine whether or not a child has been vaccinated or not. Photo via Scientific American article/2018.


These are just a few of the monumental changes Gates, his wife, and his Foundation have sought to bring, or impose, upon the world.

Recently and quietly among the hullabaloo of the coronavirus crisis, the governor of the fourth most populous state in the United States, Andrew Cuomo, announced that he and New York State have been working with the Gates Foundation on a plan that could “reimagine,” and change, the very fabric of its educational system for many years to come.






NY Governor Cuomo: “Let’s Open a Smarter Education System” with Help From Bill Gates

Speaking on May 5, during one of the state and New York City’s most difficult periods of dealing with the coronavirus, Cuomo laid out his plans for working with Gates to “reimagine” the state’s educational system with technology.

“The idea of everybody goes and sits in a classroom and the teacher is in front of that classroom and teaches that class, and you do that all across the city, all across the state, all these buildings; ‘Why, with all the technology you have?’” Cuomo asks in the video below (scroll to the 8:31 mark to see his announcement).

Cuomo said that the state is working with Gates to revolutionize education. It is expected that the Foundation will convene with experts to discuss potential changes moving forward in a post-coronavirus era.

“It’s not just about re-opening schools, let’s open a better school, and let’s open a smarter education system,” Cuomo states.

“And I want to thank the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we’ll be working with them on this project…Bill Gates is a visionary in many ways and his ideas and thoughts on technology and education he’s spoke about for years.”

“But I think we now have a moment in history where we can actually incorporate and advance those ideas.”



Parents, Teachers Across the State Speak Out on Cuomo, Gates Foundation Plans

Speaking out in opposition to the plan, parents and teachers across New York state have released a letter in opposition to Cuomo and Gates’ plans, sharing their concerns with the overuse of technology and distance learning in schools.

Gates has also been involved in the creation of Common Core, they said, a far-reaching protocol adopted by schools that critics say places a heavy premium on test scores over in-depth learning.

“Bill Gates and his reforms have been disastrous, and it’s been proven over and over,” said Buffalo, NY Board of Education Member Larry Scott, who added that his children have been crying at night due to the nature of their school in the coronavirus era so far.

“I think it’s horribly insulting, horribly reckless, and irresponsible.”

Rachel Fix-Domninguez, a Buffalo school parent, agreed with Scott.

“We don’t want our children on screens all the time,” she said.

The full video can be viewed below:

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