Great News! First Ever Vegan Supermarket Coming to The U.S. (Selling Groceries, Clothing & More)

Jan Bredack from Berlin founded Veganz after realizing how hard it can be for vegans to shop.

Jan Bredack from Berlin founded Veganz after realizing how hard it can be for vegans to shop.

In 2009 42-year-old Jan Bredack from Berlin was working for a German automotive company, when he experienced what he calls a burn-out: complete dissatisfaction with his lifestyle, reported The Local Germany. He had to change his whole outlook on life, which he documented in the book “Vegan für alle: Warum wir richtig leben sollten” (Veganism for everyone: Why we should live right), and one big change that he has done for his health was becoming vegan.

He then traveled Scandinavia, the U.S. and Russia, and discovered two things: how many different vegan products exist in different countries, and yet how hard it is to find them in regular supermarkets.

Immediately the idea for Veganz was born – the world’s biggest entirely vegan supermarket chain.

Veganz first opened in Berlin in 2011, then a few other cities across Germany; and also Prague, Czech Republic; and Vienna, Austria.

And in 2016 Veganz is planned to open in Portland, Oregon with a shoe and clothing store as well a grocery center.

Bredack, who was formerly a meat eater, has stated that he is not trying to turn everyone vegan, but make shopping easy for people who have already been living the vegan lifestyle. Looking for vegan “meat,” “fish” and “cheese products”? Veganz will have it all.

“It should be really simple,” he said, “People shouldn’t have to cut out anything.”

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Veganz has a wide variety of vegan products, including ready to eat meals and desserts. Sources:,,


In Germany Veganz is loved not only by vegans, but people with all diets. Bredack said that 80% of his chain’s customers are not vegan or vegetarian.

Besides opening new supermarket locations in the U.S. and more in Europe, Bredack plans to take Veganz across Europe in a form of a food truck, offering vegan hotdogs and burgers at festivals, and music and sport events, which he describes in this video.

“I do it because it comes from the heart. Money is not the motivation, but the chance to do something good in life,” he said.

If you would like to get a better idea of what Veganz store will look like, you can view this video recorded by HappyCow Vegan Guide. Ken Spector interviewed Bredack and toured one of Veganz locations in Berlin:




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