Holistic Doctor Shares: Drink One Cup of This Cheap Drink Per Day to Heal and Reduce Inflammation of the Intestines

Dr. Eric Berg drink benefits.


Dr. Eric Berg is a naturopathic doctor of the chiropractic discipline whose videos on nutrition have been viewed millions of times on his YouTube channel.

Dr. Berg focuses on a mostly ketogenic lifestyle as his recommended nutrition practice, and he is also big on supplements and home remedies. Dr. Berg’s knowledge and ability to share information about the design and care of the human frame has become legendary in online circles.

His videos focus on the essence of healing from the roots up and why it’s important. One of Dr. Berg’s most popular home remedies is focused on how to reduce inflammation in the intestines.

According to Dr. Berg, there is a simple, inexpensive recipe that just about anyone can make that will help to knock out inflammation in the body as well as just about anything else you can make.


Dr. Berg’s Intestinal Healing Choice 

The human intestines are divided into two sections – the small and the large intestine.

The large intestine serves to absorb water and electrolytes, produce and absorb vitamins, and to form and expel feces toward the rectum so it can be more easily and effectively eliminated.

The small intestine has similar functions. It continues the digestive process that starts in the stomach by breaking down food into smaller molecules. It absorbs nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins from food into the bloodstream.

The small intestine also absorbs water from food and moves it along into the gastrointestinal tract to be dissolved and absorbed.

The remedy shared by Dr. Berg is helpful for the following conditions, he says in the video below: 
-Esophagus irritation
-Ulcerative Colitis

Dr. Berg explained that people with these types of digestive disorders often take antibiotics for the condition, which “may kill a good percentage of friendly bacteria in your gut,” which could open up a “can of whoop ass” on your body over time, Dr. Berg states in the video.

“This remedy actually is cabbage juice,” Dr. Berg stated.

“Out of all the vegetables people seem to tolerate when they have gastritis or digestive problems, cabbage seems to be the one they tolerate the best.”

Cabbage has four key nutrients according to Dr. Berg, and one of the most important is Vitamin U, which encourages the healing of ulcers. It’s contained in butter, raw milk, animal fat, and wheatgrass juice.

Dr. Berg adds that cabbage juice contains sulforaphane, which is also found in other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and broccoli sprouts.

How Much Cabbage Juice to Drink?

According to Dr. Berg, one cup of cabbage juice per day is a great place to start to begin healing digestive disorders like the ones mentioned above, as well as to support the health of both the large and small intestines.

“You do need a juicer, but other than that, okay, but other than that, it’s I think the ideal solution.”

See the full video below from Dr. Berg:

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