“I Saw Horrid Despair…” Investigation Alleges “Certified Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods (with Video)


The demand for organic food, including more pastured meat and eggs, is rising across America as more and more people have taken a direct interest in where their food comes from, not to mention a stance against factory farming. 

In order to meet this growing demand, companies like Whole Foods and Chipotle have worked to create what most have been described as better and more humane standards for the farm animals their suppliers raise.

Whole Foods in particular has been actively lately on the branding front, pushing out a new ad campaign titled “Know What Kind of Life Your Dinner Lived.”


“Certified Humane” Conditions: Crowding, Filth and Even Worse?

According to a new investigation, seen in the 18+ minute video “Truth Matters: DxE Investigators Expose “Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods” from the animal activist group Direct Action Everywhere, the lives of Whole Foods animals at one particular Northern California farm are anything but humane.

In the video below, researchers find animals crowded together in extremely tight, dark places, hens piled on top of each other, and sick and “deformed” birds that are too exhausted to even breathe properly.

Direct Action Everywhere is a strong-willed vegan group, but even vegetarians and omnivores should watch the video below.

“The audacity that Whole Foods and other companies like Chipotle have (while talking about how kind they are to animals, it just angers you…” one investigator says around the 13:00 mark. 


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