I Tried the New Organic Soups and Smoothies From Splendid Spoon and Here’s What I Found


splendid spoon

Smoothies from Splendid Spoon in my freezer.


Splendid Spoon is a company founded in New York by Nicole Centeno in 2011, and you can really tell its New York based roots based on how the company operates.

Recently, I received a box of organic smoothies and soups from the company, and placed them in my freezer as I usually do.

This turned out to be a brilliant move, because I had plenty of ready-to-make meals and liquid nutrition at my fingertips for the rest of the week and I absolutely loved it.


New Organic Soups and Smoothies: My Honest Impressions

Splendid Spoon sent these smoothies and soups to me for review purposes, and they did so after taking my feedback into account.

Previously, I emailed their support team about soy based ingredients that I didn’t like.

I quickly learned that they made some important changes to the recipe in this case, the inclusion of more organic ingredients in their marvelously delicious new line of soups.

I also informed them prior to trying their menu items that I did not want any soy, I was graciously accommodated.

In fact, if you go to Splendid Spoon’s website, you can choose to order soy-free soups among other customization options, and you can also save up to $60 on your first three orders.

soups from splendid spoon

A favorite soup of mine from Splendid Spoon: Cauliflower Potato Chowder.


Splendid Spoon Organic Delivery A New York Flair

Nicole Centeno

Nicole Centeno, the company’s founder


I mentioned that Splendid Spoon has a New York feel to it because it is made with the busy consumer in mind.

If you’re like me, you probably have gotten tired of scrubbing and cleaning off blenders before going to bed. There’s nothing worse than having to scrub and scrape juice pulp off of blender blades when you need to sleep as soon as possible.

With Splendid Spoon, you don’t have to worry about that. The smoothies are ready to go and then you throw out the bottle or soup container when you’re done.

Each night, I placed a smoothie and a soup on my kitchen counter so they were ready to go for the next day.

This level of convenience, combined with organic ingredients, has made Splendid Spoon my go-to smoothie and soup company over the last year.

Try Splendid Spoon for Up to $60 Off (Browse New Meals and Flavors Here)

If I Could Do It All Over Again, I Would Make One Simple Change

splendid spoon organic soup

Soup with cashews and kale.


All things considered, I am a huge fan of Splendid Spoon.

Life has been more challenging lately than I can remember in a long time, which makes me appreciate the convenience.

The biggest thing to remember when thawing your soups is to place them in your pot with a small amount of water at first, to make sure the soups do not become too watery.

I prefer my soups a little more chunky like the one shown above, but a few times I added too much water.

If you’d like to try these soups for yourself, visit this link.

Thanks again for reading and have an awesome day!


Nick Meyer

AltHealthWorks.com Founder and Soup Enthusiast

Nick Meyer AltHealthWorks Founder

P.S. Don’t forget you can get up to $60.00 off for a limited time only by following this link!


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