Korean Researchers Find Natural Substance Inhibiting the Mutation of COVID-19


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Professor Yoon and the sea buckthorn berry.



The coronavirus situation has made front-page headlines across the world, as lawmakers, doctors, and politicians continue to debate the best way to keep the virus contained.

Despite the world’s focus on finding new ways to combat the disease, very little if any attention is being paid to natural substances that could aid in this quest, even though nearly 80 percent of the top 150 prescription drugs were derived from plant based sources according to a 1997 report from the Ecology Society of America.

Recently, a major Korean news publication, the Korea Biomedical Review (KBR), published info that has gone missing from the pages of most major news articles: a study confirming that the extract of one particular substance could stop the widely-feared virus from mutating.



Korea Researchers: Sea Buckthorn Bacteria Could Halt Spread of Coronavirus 

According to the KBR, which states that its mission is to “deliver the most crucial news in Korean health care to the world, (providing) critical information to professionals, scholars, policy makers and businessmen interested in Korea’s high-quality medical services,” the study is drawing the attention of the medical community, after it was found that the berry of the sea buckthorn tree could be one of the worst enemies of the coronavirus.

The study found that sea buckthorn berry’s lactic acid bacteria could contain the spread of the coronavirus by inhibiting the activation of its energy source, purine. It was confirmed by a research team at Ehwa Woman’s University Medical Center led by Professor Yoon Ha-na of the Ehwa Urology Department that probiotic bacteria extracted from the sea buckthorn berry had large amounts of lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) in it, which represses the energy source that is required for the mutation of the virus.

The discovery was made while conducting experiments related to the inhibition of cytokine activity, as well as escherichia coli that inflame the bladder, the KBR reported.

Sea buckthorn berries were also found to contain abundant amounts of ehstreptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus rhamnosus, which have the same chemical binding site to COVID-19 and affect the protein activity of aids, KBR said.

Nine antioxidants, six minerals and 16 amino acids were also confirmed by the researchers.

Professor Yoon said she expects the bacteria in sea buckthorn berry to be a supplementary treatment that is potentially capable of suppressing the spread of COVID-19 by inhibiting purine activity.

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“I believe the probiotic bacteria will work as a complementary treatment to prevent COVID-19 and will apply the same mechanism to additional studies, including cystitis and hyperlipidemia,” Yoon said according to KBR.

Professor Jeon Goo-bo of Gachon University Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute also added that he believes this specific type of plant-based probiotic could be effective as well.

“I believe L. gasseri, derived from plants, can be effective in preventing COVID-19 spread because it affects the activation of purine enzyme, the energy source for AIDS, hepatitis, Ebola, and COVID-19 virus.”

For more information, including other methods being used against the disease overseas, check out the full KBR article here. The Korea Biomedical Review was founded in 2017 and is a member of The Korean Doctors’ Weekly (www.docdocdoc.co.kr), a media company formed by a network of Korean doctors in 1992, its website states.

This article is for informational purposes and is not intended to treat or prevent any disease. Read our full disclaimer here.

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