Man Caught Between Train and the Platform Saved by People Power in Australia


A lot of times it can seem daunting being an activist, or even just someone who plays one on the Internet (by sharing important stories on social media and the like).

But every once in a while we’re reminded that the power of people working together in unison can overcome extraordinary challenges, and oftentimes, make them seem surprisingly easy.

I recently came across the inspiring video below of a group of commuters banding together and freeing a trapped man from in between a train (in Perth, Australia)…

At first, I winced in horror as the man fell between the train and the platform, and immediately felt that sense of empathy all of our brains are wired toward. I imagined what must have been going through his mind and wondered how he would get out.

But then, a whole group of commuters is summoned to his side, and before long they figure out a way to get him free. The best part about the whole thing is how easy they made it look, freeing him with the power of unity; a large group of people brought together with one specific goal.

Hopefully this video will help you to recognize that power, I know it did that for me:


(Video via ABC News Australia)


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