Lab Tests Were Conducted on Tide Pods. The Tests Revealed Over 700 Chemicals Hidden Inside the World’s Top Laundry Detergent




The natural and organic health movement has been around for centuries, but it rose to prominence in recent times in large part due to the hard work of dedicated alternative media sites.

One of the most well known is, and while the site is controversial for its many bold politically charged statements, it also has done about as much for the natural health movement as any other website.

Now, the company’s founder Mike Adams is investing big in laboratory testing to uncover what’s really hidden inside the world’s best-selling food and chemical products. And what he found out about Tide and its infamous laundry pods just might change the way people see them forever.

Lab Tests Reveal: Tide Laundry Pods are Jam-Packed with Hundreds of Toxic Chemicals

According to a recent report, the maker of Tide, Proctor & Gamble, listed only 14 ingredients on its page for its Tide Laundry pods, all made to sound as natural as humanly possible.

But the truth is that these substances are highly unnatural chemicals in the most clear sense, and they have been linked to damage to both human health and the health of aquatic life, especially with repeated use, a serious problem considering millions of people use them and send them back out into the environment every single day.

Tide Laundry Pods first made news headlines more than five years ago, when Consumer Reports reported that nearly 7,700 reports of pod-related exposures of kids age 5 and younger were recorded by poison control centers around the country. The issue has come back into the forefront since news broke of the Tide Laundry Pod Challenge, which has been linked to nationwide craze of people consuming them.

In total, 39 reports of intentional exposure by teenagers has been recorded.

In order to find out what’s really in these pods, Natural News teamed up with the Consumer Wellness Center and

The results of the tests, conducted by the Wellness Center, can be read in full by clicking on this PDF link.


The Benefits of Switching to a Natural Laundry Detergent

While most people don’t put natural laundry detergent high on their list of health priorities, that could be a serious mistake.

That’s because the stuff found in mainstream laundry detergents can have serious health consequences.

For example one of the main ingredients in toxic chemical-intensive laundry detergents, surfactants, can release benzene gas in large amounts, which is capable of increasing the cancer and reproductive health risks of people who work around it. Most mainstream laundry detergents also contain chlorine, phosphates, and other chemical additives that can be dangerous to human health with repeated exposure, or at least have a considerable cumulative toxic effect.

Synthetic dyes and perfumes that companies like Tide rely on are also capable of causing allergic reactions and skin outbreaks, as noted by the Global Healing Center citing published scientific research on these topics.

Because of the growing demand of natural laundry detergents, even Tide has attempted to cash in on the trend with a new “bio-based” formula called “Purclean.” But not only are you supporting a company that deals in toxic ingredients every day, you’re also getting a product made of 65% plant-based ingredients. The result is packed full of toxic chemicals.

What the Tide Lab Tests Showed

Some of the 700 chemicals mentioned above were revealed by

The chemicals include the following: 

C6 H14 O3

C17 H31 N O3 S

C18 H33 N O3 S

C22 H43 N O

C32 H63 N5 O5

tide pods

A few of the formulas were identified by their chemical names. 

They include:

1-hexadecylazepan-2-one (C22 H43 N O)

Trimethyl orthopropionate (C6 H14 O3)

Chimyl alcohol (C19 H40 O3)

In response, is requesting the help of the public in identifying these chemicals.

They wrote that consumers can learn more about what was found at ChemPub, or


tide pods

What to Use Instead of Tide Drier Pods 

With the goal of changing the toxic way people do laundry, non-toxic companies have finally been working their way into a market that will be worth more than $200 billion by the year 2025 (and should only keep growing as more and more countries adopt modern laundry technology and techniques).

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I have used these products before and they are my absolute favorite, by far.

This is without a doubt the best natural laundry detergent I have tried, and it’s so much healthier than anything Tide has put out. 

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Thanks as always for reading!

Sincerely, Nick Meyer Founder

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