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If you experience cracking or popping sensations in your joints, it may be a concerning symptom at any age.

Even though it is commonly associated with older age, joints can already start cracking in your 20s. Most doctors will tell you that unless there is pain, swelling, or issues of mobility involved, there is no reason to worry. However, it is a sign of aging joints that can lead to other problems in the future.

Cracking joints may also simply create sounds and sensations that are uncomfortable. Fortunately, to restore joint health, there is just one incredible natural remedy that is needed for many people—that is the Solomon’s seal.

Why Do Joints Crack?

There are many reasons why joints make a cracking noise. Often there are nitrogen bubbles in the joints that can make sounds when released. These bubbles take time to form, so you cannot pop your joints multiple times in a row if bubbles are the issue.

Joints also crack because the cartilage wears off with time. Cartilage rubs in the joints against the bones and can become tight or worn out over time. This can happen in any joint in the body.

In severe cases, joints can experience cartilage loss or even growth of bone spurs associated with osteoarthritis. The more the disease progresses, the worse and more common the cracking can get.

Cracking joints can become a serious problem when accompanied by inflammation, pain and swelling, bruising, lack of mobility, and an increased risk of injury.

To prevent this from happening, to slow down, and even reverse joint issues, there is Solomon’s seal.



The Only Remedy Needed For Joint Health

Solomon’s Seal is a life-changing herb for connective tissue healing that has been used for at least 3,500 years. It is a common herb in Chinese medicine.

Often utilized for joint issues, muscle injuries, sprained ankles, and pulled muscles, this incredible herb can help. It heals the tendons and the fascia that connect muscles to bones. It does so by providing the fluid balance in these areas and the nutrients needed to bring injured areas back to full heath.

Famous herbalist Jim McDonald explains that connective tissues around the bones are like leather.

When they do not get enough fluids, they dry up and become damaged and difficult for the body to use. When the connective tissues are adequately lubricated, they are like oiled and well-maintained leather, in its best shape. To lubricate the connective tissues, Solomon’s seal makes sure that enough synovial fluids are produced in the joints, which prevents them from grinding on each other thus prevents joint damage.

To summarize all that Solomon’s seal does:

-Repairs damaged connective tissue and cartilage
-Reduces inflammation
-Promotes healing of wounds and injuries
-Helps treat arthritis
-Triggers synovial fluid production
-Addresses other connective tissue issues


Where To Buy and How To Use Solomon’s Seal

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Solomon’s seal root can be used internally or externally. For joint health, the best results are seen when taken internally. It can be made into tea or a tincture for internal use, or used as a poultice for external use.

For the tea, 1-2 teaspoons are needed per cup of boiling water to be steeped for a couple of minutes. Tinctures are usually more potent.

You can buy a high-quality extract from Hawaii Pharm—wildcrafted and non-GMO.

WARNING: Do not use Solomon’s seal if you have rheumatoid arthritis, which is an auto-immune disease that affects body’s tissues. Solomon’s seal works on osteoarthritis and connective tissue problems that caused by overuse, underuse, injury, or not providing the joints with enough nutrients.

Solomon’s seal is taken best for short periods of time. When taken long term, it may lead to some stomach upset. It is best to take it for six days then take one day off. It may also interact with diabetes medications. Its use for pregnant or breastfeeding women is unknown.

If you do not have rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, and if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding, this herb may be for you.

Buy Solomon’s Seal extract and try it today.

Other consumers have written that they found relieve from tendinitis and other tendon problems, aching knees, joint pain, swelling, and sciatica.

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