Official Movie Trailer Released for “Percy” —  The One Farmer Monsanto Never Should Have Messed With


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The film stars Christopher Walken as Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian farmer who counter-sued Monsanto.





The Monsanto Company has officially been swallowed up by Bayer, the pharmaceutical, pesticide and seed giant formerly known as IG Farben, which produced chemicals including Zyklon B used to gas over a million people during World War II.

For those who see Bayer, Monsanto and its chemically-intensive farming allies as a benefit to mankind, the company can seemingly do no wrong, and has allegedly been tasked with “feeding the world” through its genetically engineered crops and toxic, synthetic pesticides.

But for the many activists who’ve been following these two companies and their history of causing immense harm to people and the environment over several decades, Monsanto and Bayer are far different than the seemingly benign way they are often portrayed.




One of the most controversial cases involving Monsanto occurred in 1997, when a Canadian farmer named Percy Schmeiser was sued by the chemical and GMO giant for using a relatively small number of their genetically engineered canola plants as a means to prevent his own crops from contracting diseases.

Schmeiser contended that he didn’t purposely plant the GMO crops, but Monsanto disagreed, trespassing onto the Saskatchewan farmer’s property and taking samples of his plants during their first stage of germination.

Now, the stage is set for what could be the biggest film on Monsanto and the GMO industry in history, a film that could bring some of the company’s most controversial (many would say “reprehensible”) business practices to light for the first time.

Official Trailer Released for Monsanto Movie Exposé “Percy”

The film, which stars Christopher Walken as the multi-generational Canadian farmer, released its official trailer earlier this month, which sets the scene for Schmeiser’s historic legal battles against the infamous multi-national GMO giant.

In the trailer, a cool-headed Schmeiser receives the bad news that Monsanto will be suing him to the tune of $1.2 million dollars all for planting a “patented” seed gene-spliced a lab to withstand large doses of Monsanto’s toxic Roundup formula.

“That’s got to be a mistake…I’ve got my own seeds,” a frustrated Schmeiser can be heard saying the trailer, which can be viewed below.

“Some farmers buy their seeds from the big guys every year to plant. Me, I save my own, that’s what I do, I’m a seed saver.”

Later on in the trailer, Schmeiser expresses further frustration over Monsanto’s lawsuit, which threatens to undo the hard work of several generations of farmers in his family lineage.



“Everything I’ve worked all my life for is theirs…I get sued for doing the same thing my family has done for hundreds of years.”

Despite the enormous difficulty of taking on a relentless multi-national corporation, Schmeiser becomes the film’s reluctant hero, standing up for those who came before him. He eventually files his own lawsuit against Monsanto, and keeps fighting in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

“There’s a lot of farmers around the world who can’t stand up…I figure I should,” Schmeiser says in the trailer below. “What they’re doing is not right and somebody’s got to say something.”

Check out the trailer below, and be sure to share this link with anyone who still isn’t aware of what Monsanto has been doing to farmers over the years:



P.S. Thanks for reading! For more information on the Percy Schmeiser case against Monsanto, check out this link.

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