Popular Company’s Vegan Butter Substitute Gets Lowest Grade for Possibly Toxic, GMO Ingredients

Land O'Lakes vegan butter substitute.


The Land O’Lakes company is best known for its dairy operations and butter products made from cow’s milk, but recently its vegan butter substitute has found itself in the spotlight.

The company’s plant-based butter substitute is made not from cow’s milk but from plants, but it’s the kind of plants it’s being made from that has one organization concerned.

The organization, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), decided to share its thoughts including a ranking on the plant-based butter substitute. As far as products in its category go, this particular product got the worst possible score among all of its contemporaries.

Land O’Lakes ‘Plant Based Creamy Spread’ Gets Worst Score in Category 

Land O’Lakes Plant Based Creamy Spread was ranked by EWG in the ‘Peanut Butter and Other Nut Butters’ category, alongside products like Nutella, which received the same disconcerting score.

Land O’ Lakes Plant Based Creamy Spread butter substitute scored an 8 out of 10 for worst ingredient profile according to the EWG. It was ranked in the ‘Almond Butters’ category which included several different varieties of spreads.

Causes for concern include: 

-Not certified organic

-Contains additives of ‘concern’

-Contains non-specific ingredient ‘flavor’

-Has moderate processing concerns


Ingredients include the following: 

– Vegetable oils (soybean palm),



-Soy lecithin

-Mono and Diglycerides (emulsifiers)

-Natural flavor

-Lactic acid

-Vitamin A Palmitate

-Beta-Carotene (for color)


These ingredients are typical in many plant-based butter substitutes as well as mainstream butter products from brands like Land O’Lakes, which often relied on unnatural additives and genetically modified (also known as ‘Bioengineered’) ingredients.

To avoid butter and nut spreads with genetically modified ingredients, look for the ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ label or USDA Organic labels.


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A full list of ingredients including those of GMO related concern can be read here, along with other brands and varieties of nut spreads and butter substitutes to avoid.


Better Butter Alternatives 

Learn more about better butter alternatives and what to look for while shopping in this article.

Another superior option is Ghee, a type of clarified butter that removes and separates milk solids from the butter itself for a texture and consistency similar to coconut oil.

Ghee has a smoke point that is 130 degrees higher than traditional butter making it the perfect cooking oil!

Find it here, or click on the picture below to try it






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