Popular ‘Gourmet’ Frozen Food Gets All-Time Worst Marks for Toxic Chemical Ingredients

The Stouffer's frozen food company got bad marks for unhealthy toxic ingredients.


The world of frozen food is typically punctuated with unhealthy, toxic chemical ingredients, and it has been getting worse in the past decade.

One of the most popular companies that appears to have healthy and non-toxic ingredients based on the effort it puts into labeling is Stauffer’s, makers of Family Size Mac N’ Cheese meals, French Bread Pizzas, lasagna and other popular foods.

What most customers don’t seem to notice is that Stauffer’s frozen foods brand contains many ingredients that would be banned in other countries including likely genetically modified ones.

Recently, the Environmental Working Group began giving scores to Stauffer’s products among other popular companies. The EWG uncovered one cereal that got the all-time worst score for toxic chemicals.

Now a Stauffer’s product has matched that company’s infamous rating on its all-important test.


Stauffer’s Gets Historically Low Marks for Toxic Ingredients 

The product in question is the Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch frozen meal, which contains several at-risk ingredients and scored a ’10’ on the EWG’s rankings (10 is the worst score, 1 is the best score).

The Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch product shown in the picture above was listed as having ‘high’ concerns for unhealthy ingredients, high concern for being overly processed, and above average concerns for nutrition.

The EWG’s research found out the following about this frozen meal:

  • Is not certified organic
  • Contains sodium nitrite, an ‘additive of concern’ according to the EWG
  • Hormones and growth promoters were likely used in the chicken
  • Contains non-specific ingredient ‘flavor’ which could contain any number of harmful chemicals according to Vani Hari aka the Food Babe
  • Has high processing concerns
  • Contains high levels of processed sodium that likely has been processed with chemicals

The product also contains several major food allergens.

The following likely GMO ingredients are included: Soy protein isolate, sugar, maltodextrin, modified food starch, and modified (corn) starch.



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