Product Review: A Collection of Flower Essences for Emotional Health From Freedom Flowers

Yarrow Shield is one of the amazing products offered by Freedom Flowers.


One of the most overlooked aspects of staying healthy is emotional health, which can sometimes be trickier to maintain or improve in comparison with mental, physical and spiritual health.

Emotions take up incredibly deep residence within the different nooks and crannies of the human body. They represent our deepest fears, internal drives, motives, wishes, desires, and so much more. They are closely linked to our personal sense of pride, our thoughts, our behavior, our joy, our happiness, our accomplishments, our triumphs, our achievements, and so on and so forth.

The emotional body of a human being or animal is comprised of the central nervous system including hormones, water and water release (in the form of tears), water absorption, and feelings or sensations of touch.

One of the most relatively unknown and under-utilized methods for creating change in the emotional body is the flower essence, which is typically comprised of a small bottle of flower and herbal material that can help to ‘get things moving’ in your emotional system again.

Freedom Flowers for Emotional Healing

Freedom Flowers is a company selling flower-based emotional remedies that was created by Seneca Schurbon, Dr. Del Hungerford, Michael King, RN, Jane Tennant and Kerrie Coulstock.
The company is based on Biblical principles from Genesis 1 and its mission is foster emotional healing and emotional freedom in all who use its products.
Negative emotions targeted by these formulas include hurt, trauma, depression, fears, limitations, negativity, stress and anger
The company is based out of Kooskia, Idaho.

How Flower Essences Work 

Flower essences were first popularized by British Dr. Edward Back in the 1920s and 1930s according to a report from Medical News Today.
Dr. Bach reportedly believed that flowers and plants contain energy that can heal emotional problems.
Medical News today states that ‘research does not indicate they are effective’ and that ‘most research does not support their use.’
I personally have had experiences to the contrary. I began using Bach flower remedies in 2012 under the guidance and direction of a naturopathic healer and I have been using them ever since.
Much like traditional herbs (think yarrow, elderberry, milk thistle, and cat’s claw), flowers contain medicinal properties that are subtle in nature but can be incredibly effective when ingested on a consistent basis.
Since taking them in 2012 I have utilized Flower essence based remedies as a natural healing agent to help me get to the bottom of my emotions for healing and release.
As someone who tends to store emotions very deeply, in my personal opinion a deeper level than many other people I have known over the course of my life, I notice a big difference between taking flower essence remedies and not taking them.

My Experience with Freedom Flowers Remedies 

I recently received six flower essence remedies from Freedom Flowers in the mail. The company offers free samples of their flower essences here (just pay shipping) on its website.
The samples are smaller than typical flower essence remedies I have purchased in the past which instantly made me skeptical. I also was under the impression that Bach official brand flower remedies were the only ones that had research behind them and was skeptical of this third-party company, even though I could tell that they put a lot of love and care into their products based on the artwork and descriptions that were included with them.
I first tried the ‘Ignite’ heart-centered blend and the ‘Yarrow shield.’ The Ignite blend is designed for enhancing ‘confidence, energy and creativity.’
The yarrow shield product is focused on ’empath protection.’ It is useful for the following conditions and emotional challenges or ideals:
  • Being less affected by others’ moods
  • Feeling less bombarded when out in public
  • Setting boundaries for empathetic or Highly Sensitive people
  • Effects from multiple chemical sensitivity, EMF’s or allergies
  • Protection from someone’s anger and negativity
  • Blocking deliberate “projected” energy from other people
  • Sensory overload
  • Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded by emotions
I took 20 to 30 small drops of both remedies with the goal of seeing how they made me felt.
Having experienced emotional flower essence remedies before I decided to lay in bed for a few minutes so I could investigate the potential effects without any additional stimuli.
What I felt within a few short minutes was profound. My mind started racing with ideas and thoughts of my past and emotions that I did not have prior to taking these remedies.
I felt as though some sort of ‘release’ was about to take place and I began to focus on making sense of the emotions I had begun feeling.
Perhaps it was the placebo effect, but in my personal opinion and experience these remedies really work. They stir something deep inside of the emotional body (much of which is comprised of water) and they help to bring trapped emotions or thoughts or feelings to the surface in a gentle way so they can be resolved efficiently.
Overall I would definitely recommend that anyone who is interested to check out some free samples of these products.
The love, care and attention to detail in each remedy is something that is a wonder to behold and it makes for an exciting and unique experience.
In regards to the ‘placebo effect mentioned above,’ it is worth noting that flower essences are somewhat similar to homeopathic medicine, another discipline and style of remedy that has been criticized as not having research behind it corroborating its effectiveness.
The book ‘Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy’ includes research showing that homeopathy does in fact work, so well in some cases that it is used in emergency room situations for patients with acute heart problems.
Much like homeopathy, flower essences really on minuscule amounts of ‘active ingredients,’ but that doesn’t change the fact that they are devastatingly effective for many people (in the best possible way).
I loved these flower essences and would recommend them for anyone who wants to heal or learn more about their subconscious mind and emotions.
My three favorites are: Ignite (heart), Yarrow shield (emotional protection and independence), and Carnelian (creativity, motivation, concentration and endurance).
If you’d like to learn more I highly suggest checking out the Freedom Flowers website by clicking on this link.
Thanks so much for reading and thanks to Freedom Flowers for providing samples to myself and its readers.


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