Product Review: A Collection of Savory Organic Teas with a Noble, Charitable Mission From Nepal Tea



Over my two-decades plus of consuming as many healthy drinks and foods as possible, few things have warmed me up, and impacted my health, quite like a good cup of tea.

Tea is different from coffee in that it generally has less caffeine, and that there are several different varieties that can help a person heal from a wide variety of different ailments, especially with consistent drinking.

One of my favorite drinks over the years has been black tea: a drink that is often found in its fresh-brewed form at restaurants across the country including Chipotle, the non-GMO Mexican food chain.

Recently, I had the chance to try an even healthier version of black tea, from a company called Nepal Tea Collective that puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to helping indigenous people and organic tea leaf growers through a generous dissemination of its profits.

Nepal Tea: Unlike Any Black Tea You’ve Ever Had Before 


As most people are probably aware of, there are areas in the Himalayan Mountain range that are incredibly abundant in terms of the content of the soil.

From mountain rivers and streams to pristine glacial lakes, trace minerals are carried from place to place and end up in highly concentrated deposits that are transferred to food as well as popular supplements such as Shilajit (a mineral-rich paste that has been dubbed ‘The Destroyer of Weakness).

In tasting black tea from Nepal Tea, I immediately thought of Shilajit, a supplement I’ve been taking for a long time from a company called Omica Organics.

The black tea from Nepal Tea has a similar level of richness, and is incredibly deep, dark and robust in the way it tastes.

As one reviewer on the Nepal Tea website says, ‘this tea is unlike anything I’ve ever had before.’

Thus far, I have tried the Nepal black tea both as a hot tea and an iced tea.

While I love it as a hot tea, especially with a spot of honey added, I like it even more as an iced tea, as iced black tea is one of my favorite drinks of all-time.

Black tea has between 14 and 70 millgrams of caffeine, compared to coffee which has about 14 to 70 grams.

Whenever I drink black tea, I usually find it more mild than coffee in terms of its stimulation properties, and that makes it my drink of choice for amping up my reaction time and brainpower throughout the day.

Learn more about Nepal Tea and its black and other tea selections on its website by clicking here



Other Flavors of Nepal Tea 

Nepal Tea specializes in black tea variations, but it also offers an organic white tea called Organic Prakash, as well as Organic Lemongrass, which is excellent for promoting proper lymphatic system health as well as relaxation.

The company offers a selection of tea accessories as well including Chiya Glass, a Cold Brew Infuser Bottle, and a Double Wall Vaccuum Mug.

The teas have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, WorldTea and other publications.

Nepal Tea is also a charity-focused company.

To date, they have provided housing for native Nepalese people, awarded 2,400 scholarships, and donated 182 cows among other items provided.

You can look more about their charitable efforts by clicking here.

More info on Nepal Tea’s black tea and other organic blends can be found on its website by clicking here as well.

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