Product Review: A Line of Organic and Fresh-Scented Deodorants from Rustic Maka

Making the adjustment to organic and chemical-free living takes time, and a lot of sacrifice and discipline along the way.

We give up many of our favorite foods and personal care products (or at least we thought they were our favorites) and before we know it, we end up missing them because we don’t have any alternatives to fill that void.

Over time we discover new favorites, however, foods and products we can feel good about and companies we can feel good about supporting.

Since I began living a mostly organic and chemical-free lifestyle around the year 2010, one of the products I’ve missed the most has been the fresh-scented Old Spice products including High Endurance Body Wash and deodorants, simply because of how fresh they made me feel.

Little did I know at the time that they were comprised of harsh chemicals that I had no business putting on my exposed, bare skin where they could easily enter my system.

After years of trying some admittedly solid but not exactly inspiring natural deodorants, I’ve finally had a chance to find not only one that I really like, but one that reminds me of Old Spice( only in an organic package) in terms of its fresh and invigorating scent: Pachy’s “Rough Rivers” deodorant by Rustica Maka (website here).

Rough Waters, the middle deodorant here, has a fresh bergamot essential oil smell that reminds me of Old Spice body wash.

Rough Rivers, the middle deodorant here, has a fresh bergamot essential oil smell that reminds me of Old Spice body wash.

Top of the Line Organic Ingredients in a Deodorant

The product in question, Pachy Deodorant from the independent Michigan-based organic company Rustic Maka, came to me as a gift to check out for review purposes.

In total five samples were given out, including a full-sized stick of the fresh-scented “Rough Rivers,” which contains the following ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Candelilla Wax, and Bergamot (Bergaptene Free) essential oil.

(You can check the Rough Rivers deodorant out by clicking here)

As I’m writing this I’m sitting here sniffing the deodorant as if it were an essential oil, and it’s really helping with my concentration and focus because of how fresh it smells.

Combine that with the mostly organic ingredients and this is a product I highly recommend, especially if you are or know a man who’s fond of fresh-scented chemical based deodorants and body washes.

Other Products from Rustic Maka

The Rustic Maka company was founded by two Polish American sisters, Kasia Rothe and Monica Stakvel, who wanted to create a line of products for people looking to detoxify their households from all of the nasty cleaning chemicals on the market.

The Pachy deodorant line is their flagship product, and offers five scents including Naughty Butter, Sweet Lemonade, Wild Meadows, Calming Fields and Rough Rivers.

They also offer a ‘Calming Fields’ body scrub which includes therapeutic grade lavender essential oil for just $5.95 (click here to check it out), and plan to expand with more non-toxic and organic personal care products in the future.

Having spent some time getting to know the co-founder Rothe and trying out the various Pachy deodorants I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite small organic companies out there, and one that is deserving of your support.

If you’d like to learn more or order, visit their website by going to or find them on Facebook by clicking here.

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