Product Review: A Portable Fluoride and Chlorine-Filtering Water Bottle from Clearly Filtered

One of the greatest things you can do for your health is to tap into a source of pure, filtered water, and with so many chemicals in tap water these days including fluoride and chlorine it’s clear that this is one area where millions of people could stand to improve.

I personally have been getting my water by hauling large glass bottles to the health food store, but truth be told, the process has been more than a little inconvenient and cumbersome.

Like most people I’ve long coveted an under-the-sink water filtration system to reduce the inconvenience of always worrying about having enough clear, filtered water, but haven’t been able to afford one.

Recently, I had a chance to test out another approach to water filtration: the Clearly Filtered portable Athlete Edition water bottle. The water bottle claims to allow you to drink from virtually any body of water including lakes and streams (although I would ask a doctor first about this one and/or survival expert just to be sure).

The Clearly Filtered Portable Bottle

28oz Athlete (1)

The bottle filters out fluoride, chlorine and much more. See the test results below.

ClearlyFiltered is a small, independent new company with the goal of helping the new breed of informed consumers to avoid the Big Two industrial chemicals we mentioned earlier, as well as heavy metals and other contaminants. They even offer a drinking straw that allows people to drink directly from questionable water sources, but for the purposes of this review we tried the bottle below.

The Athlete Edition water bottle is an especially unique product because of how portable it is. Checking in at a convenient 28-ounce size, it’s a good size to take to the gym and even looks “normal” enough that I haven’t been getting a ton of questions of odd looks for other gym goers like I usually do when I bring a glass kombucha bottle full of filtered water instead.

The bottle is made from BPA-free plastic. While this is a welcome development, I usually prefer glass since the jury is still out on some of these alternate plastics. That being said, the plastic is non-leeching, and it’s certainly an improvement over other water bottles in that area. Plus, it’s all about priorities: removing chemicals and the convenience factor are worth the trade-off for me personally.

Fluoride is the number one chemical most people are hoping to remove from their water supply and I’m in the same boat. Industrial sodium fluoride, like the kind added to our water, is far different from naturally-occurring fluoride, and it’s actually been linked to lower IQ levels in children by Harvard researchers. A total of 23 human studies and over 100 animal studies link fluoride to brain damage, and links to cancer have also been discovered.

Chlorine, a caustic agent you’ve probably experienced first-hand while swimming in a pool, is not much safer, especially when we’re talking about prolonged exposure like what you may receive from drinking tap water.

How the Water Bottle Filter Works

In the case of the Clearly Filtered Athlete Edition water bottle, “patented micro-filtration technology” works inside of the bottle to remove up to “99.99% of all freshwater contaminants.

According to their laboratory test results, 99.99% of chlorine and 90% of fluoride are removed by the bottle; the fluoride removal numbers are particularly high compared to some of the other results I’ve seen.

The filter was independently tested and certified by EPA protocols and NSF standards (42 and 53) and results can be found on the company’s website here (for the water pitcher in this case, although the bottle uses a similar filter).

You can see some of the results of the filtration test below, which were provided by the Los Angeles County’s Environmental Toxicology Bureau.


The Clearly Filtered Athlete Edition portable water bottle.

The Clearly Filtered Athlete Edition portable water bottle.

Some of the results that stand out are for fluoride, which was reduced from 1 mg/L to less than .1. In the case of chlorine, a reduction of .8 to less than .1 was recorded by the Clearly Filtered pitcher, and lead was reduced from 200 to less than 5.

Where to Find the Clearly Filtered Water Bottle

The Clearly Filtered portable water bottle can be found by clicking on this link.

Considering that 70% of the water we drink is away from home, it’s a worthy investment for people looking to remove fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants from their personal drinking supply in a more convenient way. I plan to take it with me on a trip to Costa Rica soon just to make sure I have a high quality water source on hand.

Clearly Filtered also offers a bigger water pitcher that was used for the purposes of the study shown below, which can be found by clicking on this link.


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