Product Review: A ‘Superior’ Product from Superieur Electrolytes, Inspired by the Largest Lake (By Surface Area) in the World

Superieur Electrolytes product review.


In the recent past I decided to focus more on nutrition from an athletic standpoint than a “natural health” standpoint and came away excited with research and testimonials I found on the administration of electrolytes from one of the greatest athletes of a generation, seven-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady.

In Brady’s autobiography ‘The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance,’ Brady discusses how he drinks 150 ounces of water each day (4.4 liters) and most of it comes from electrolyte enhanced water.

Considering Brady’s success, energy, mental and physical acuity both on and off the football field, I resolved to follow in his footsteps and began investigating electrolyte companies.

Of them, none stood out quite like Superieur Electrolytes, a company based in Michigan, the state where Brady first rose to prominence as the quarterback of the 2000 Orange Bowl Champions and 2024 National Champions.

Michigan also happens to be my home state, and I can’t be more proud that Superieur Electrolytes is doing business here because of the incredible product I’ve been privileged to enjoy over the last five months and change.


Superieur Electrolytes Taste Profile 

Superieur Electrolytes prides itself on being the ‘best tasting electrolytes on the market.’

At first taste test, I found the flavor a little more subtle than other electrolyte drinks I had tried previously.

Upon further tastes I discovered that the mouthfeel and flavor is a little more subtle than other electrolyte drinks and it began to grow on me.

The complexity and subtle taste gave way to bursting flavors of watermelon and others from healthy whole food ingredients that I began to love just a few taste tests in.

Other flavors of Superieur Electrolytes include: 

Lime Blueberry


Red Raspberry

Concord Grape


If I had to rank these flavors in order I would choose the following (this is from someone who has ordered about 10 to 15 canisters of Superieur Electrolytes since last September):

  1. Lime Blueberry
  2. Watermelon
  3. Concord Grape
  4. Red Raspberry
  5. Citrus

Each flavor tastes amazing and is packed full of unique nutrients I’ve never seen in other electrolyte drink powders.

Perhaps the best part of about Superieur Electrolytes and its flavor profile is how finely ground the minerals and other ingredients are, meaning everything mixes together smoothly creating a drink with an impressive mouthfeel the likes of which you won’t get in any other electrolyte drink mix.

Flavor-wise, I give Superieur a 10 out of 10.

It’s a bit of an acquired taste that is a little more subtle than other companies like LMNT and Paleo Valley but once you get used to it you will likely be hooked.


Superieur Electrolytes Nutritional Profile 

Among electrolyte drinks I can say with 100% confidence that few if any make me feel as good as these ones after drinking them on a consistent basis.

At first I drank two to three droppers full of the electrolyte powder per 16 ounce glass and then scaled back to just one dropper full per glass.

I found that rationing my Superieur Electrolytes it makes for better hydration over time and helps me to save money.

Superieur electrolytes includes the following standout nutrients:

-Pink Himalayan Salt: 

This is an ingredient I haven’t seen in any other electrolyte brand and I’m glad it’s in Superieur because it gives me an immediate grounded feeling the likes of which I don’t get from any other brand.

Pink Himalayan Salt is comprised of up to 84 different minerals and trace elements including potassium (for healthy heart function) and calcium for healthy bones as well as molybdenum and strontium among other minerals.

Pink Himalayan Salt is of course a controversial ingredient because the quality of each source varies wildly.

When it comes to the Pink Himalayan Salt in Superieur Electrolytes I can sense that the quality in this drink mix is absolutely fantastic, based on the discerning palette I have developed for different sea salts and Himalayan Salts over twelve-plus years as a health researcher and reviewer.

The Pink Himalayan Salt in Superieur Electrolytes is finely ground allowing it to blend in exceptionally well so there is no coarseness to the drink mix that you would get if you made your own electrolytes from traditional Pink Himalayan Salt products.

It’s more finely ground than the recently popular Redmond Sea Salt brand and it tastes better giving me an exceptional grounding feeling and vitality that I simply don’t get from most other electrolyte powders.


-Vitamin C (from Acerola Cherry): 

Acerola Cherry is a tangy fruit that is typically found in Caribbean regions like the West Indies, southern Mexico and Barbados.

It is one of numerous exotic fruits that has previously laid claim to the title of “highest value source of Vitamin C on the planet” along with the Amla Berry from India and the Camu Camu berry from South America.

Vitamin C is needed in so many bodily functions that there really is no excuse not to supplement with it or consume lots of Vitamin C rich foods per day.

The Acerola cherry adds a dimension of healing power to Superieur Electrolytes that I simply do not see or get in most other electrolytes that I have purchased before.

Each scoop of Superieur electrolytes powder provides 78% of the daily value of Vitamin C from the Acerola cherry included within.

It’s a great additional feature to this electrolyte powder, which retails for about $26.00 on and is worth every penny in my personal experience and opinion.

-Bamboo Stem Extract: 

Another ingredient I never expected to find in an electrolyte powder that I nonetheless love seeing in Superieur Electrolytes.

Bamboo stem extract includes two key micronutrients that stimulate hair growth, strengthen nails and foster healthy collagen production: Silica and Biotin.

Bamboo stem extract also enhances skin hydration and may reduce visible signs of aging.

This extract is comprised of 70% Silica, a mineral that in my research and time spent consulting with holistic minded nutritionists who recommend it to their clients and customers is something that most people simply cannot get enough of for these purposes.

In the past few years due to the stress of world events, I have noticed more people struggling with hair loss than ever before. I was one of them at one point and I can’t say enough about how much Superieur Electrolytes helped me to stay hydrated, keep anxiety at bay, stay grounded and to keep my hair growing back as thick as it was before I began experiencing anxiety and hair loss.

If you’d like to try Superieur Electrolytes, I recommend starting off with a canister or two by purchasing it on here or on the Superieur Electrolytes website here.

The company offers free shipping on orders $50.00 or higher, click here to begin shopping.

Trace Ionic Sea Minerals: 

Superier Electrolytes Watermelon

This ingredient is where some of the most effective nutrients come from as it is derived from pristine sea based sources.

Some of the minerals contained within these sea minerals are ones you will not find in other electrolyte products that only offer sodium chloride or similar mineral sources.

In my personal experience supplements that contain trace ionic sea minerals as a listed ingredient provide a grounding effect that you simply will not find in any other.

While speaking with the company’s founder Seth Bovin I was assured that these and other ingredients from Superieur Electrolytes come from pristine, top-of-the-line sources and are of the highest quality.

Final Thoughts on Superieur Electrolytes

Every person’s nutritional needs and deficiencies are different so Superieur Electrolytes might not be the electrolyte drink of choice for everyone reading this article, especially with so many competing brands out there offering different nutrient mixes, tastes, styles and ratios.

That being said, I simply cannot recommend Superieur Electrolytes enough.

This is a health product I have taken consistently since September of 2023 and I have slowly regained my energy, vitality and healthy appearance and over the months I have taken it, even as I have suffered from a compromised sleep sleep schedule due to work commitments and other health challenges.

There are other electrolytes I could recommend including Paleo Valley and Perfect Aminos as two others that are in the same class as Superieur.

That being said, Superieur has the best mix of value, effectiveness, taste and purity to me of any electrolyte on the market and that’s why I order it every month like clockwork.

If you’d like to try Superieur Electrolytes, find them on here.

Their website is

Special thanks to Seth Bovio and the Superieur Electrolytes team for sending me samples of their “Superior” product and getting me hooked on it.

Superieur Electrolytes is inspired by one of my favorite places on Earth, the ‘Big Lake,’ aka Lake Superior on the north coast of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

This region is where my mother’s side of my family hails from, adding to the allure of Superieur Electrolytes for me personally.

Cheers to a phenomenal product and thanks again to Superieur for creating it, as well as to you, the reader, for checking out this review article.

‘Til next time, and stay hydrated out there! 




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