Product Review: Fluoride-Free, Herb Infused Toothpaste from Legendary Men’s Care


Fluoride-free toothpastes are hard to come by in most department stores and supermarkets, which has helped give rise to independent companies like Legendary Men’s Care.

The company prides itself on using natural ingredients without any chemicals that may be harmful to male hormones and development, and its products are made in the USA, as part of a mission that supports U.S. veterans.

Legendary Men’s Care products are made with ingredients carefully selected to enhance men’s health rather than to harm it, as is often the case with everything from body spray products like AXE to deodorants that clog pores to toothpastes with industrialized fluoride and other potentially harmful ingredients.


Among the benefits claimed by Legendary Men’s Care toothpaste are the following:

-Kills bad breath causing bacteria

-Whitens teeth

-Cleans teeth without damaging enamel

-BPA-free packaging

-Tested for safety

-Natural ingredients


For the purposes of this review, I tried both the Ginger Lime and Cinnamon Clove flavors of Legendary Men’s Care.

As someone who has tried dozens of natural fluoride-free toothpastes over the years, I was able to compare these toothpastes to other ones I have tried.


Overall I loved the flavors and the clean, concentrated feeling of cleanliness I got from these products.

Previously I had been using Dr. Bronner’s spearmint toothpaste and I found the Legendary Men’s Care products to stronger for teeth whitening and cleaning my teeth.

The scent, taste, and mouthfeel of this toothpaste is incredible. The only product I can compare it to along these lines is the OnGuard toothpaste from DoTerra essential oils, which was my favorite overall toothpaste going into this review.

Flavor-wise, the Cinnamon Clove was my favorite.

It contains cinnamon leaf essential oil which gives it its strong, concentrated flavor and taste. The odd thing is it doesn’t contain clove oil, but it does taste and smell like clove oil. Other ingredients include calcium carbonate to whiten teeth without damaging enamel, ginger extract, matcha for breath freshening, and saw palmetto which is a testosterone boosting ingredient linked to many health benefits, especially for men.

Coconut oil is also a prominent ingredient in these toothpastes which I could feel working as I used them.

Other awesome ingredients include panax ginseng and white turmeric. The company really went above and beyond to include a bevy of healing herbs and plant compounds in their formulas.

Try Legendary Men’s Care products here



Overall I enjoyed these toothpastes very much. They reminded me of OnGuard from DoTerra which is highly effective and cleansing with incredibly potent and refreshing ingredients.

One of the ingredients I did not like is potassium nitrate, a potential irritant with potential cumulative health risks.

I also wish the company used certified organic ingredients but I do not see any listed on the packaging.

Where to Find Legendary Men’s Care

For more information or to purchase Legendary Men’s Care products, check out their website here.

The company lists studies on the health benefits of its ingredients as well as how it is superior to other toothpaste brands, especially for men’s health.

Overall I firmly believe this is something that is far better than any mainstream brand, although there is still room for improvement with the ingredients.

Special thanks to Legendary Men’s Care for providing samples for the purposes of this review. See our full disclaimer and affiliate disclosure here


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