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Four of Süperkrauts’ most unique organic sauerkraut flavors.



Thanks to the success of the organic and non-GMO movement, it seems like you can find just about anything your heart desires at the local health food store.

But one thing I’ve always had a hard, if not impossible time finding, is organic sauerkraut, one of the most highly beneficial healing foods on the planet, used for centuries as a natural healer in countries ranging from Poland to Germany and many other places.

Practically every sauerkraut I’ve seen at health food stores is non-organic, which came as a complete mystery to me considering the popularity of the food, and almost always deterred me from buying it even though it’s one of the most beneficial foods I’ve ever eaten.

Thankfully, organic sauerkraut is far from a myth  it does exist, and a company named Süperkrauts in rural, upstate New York has turned it into a true art form for people who truly love healing natural foods.

Four Flavors of Organic Sauerkraut, Many Health Benefits

With virtually no organic sauerkraut options available, I sought out to find an organic sauerkraut company to try in hopes of adding their products to my soups or salads.  

After searching for the best brands I managed to find Süperkrautswhich is unique in offering its fully organic, GMO-free and kosher products, served in a glass jar the old fashioned way.

Here are the four types of sauerkraut I tried and my impressions of them:

1. Süperkrauts Sports Süper Tonic-

Most people know that sauerkraut is healthy, but did you know the juice is also highly beneficial?

This product contains electrolytes, adaptogenic herbs and live and active lactobacilli cultures to support healthy digestion and gut bacteria balance.

It may seem odd drinking sauerkraut juice as a supplement but this product really hits the spot for that exact purpose. It’s got a light pink color (perhaps from the Himalayan salt?) and a mild sauerkraut taste that isn’t too overpowering. I like to take a sip before working out or any time I eat something not-so-healthy and need a digestion boost.

Herbs in this five-calorie tonic (all organic along with the sauerkraut) include: turmeric, rosemary, oregano, thyme, dried sour cherries, Krishna holy basil, astragalus and more.

In my book this is far more than just a food (like all of Süperkrauts’ products) and more of a natural medicine, and with the prevalence of GMOs and unnatural gluten containing foods in our diets this is an extremely beneficial supplement.

You can check out the Sports Tonic by clicking on this link.

Healing and Detox Tonics from Süperkrauts. Click on the picture for more info.

2. Süperkrauts Detox Kraut-

A full-on organic sauerkraut, this one is specifically formulated to help detoxify the body, purify the blood and eliminate toxins from the body.

Described as having a “mild flowery and pleasant taste,” I would personally say it’s a little more on the tangy side. This one also includes a bonanza of organic herbs for both healing and taste purposes.

Among them are: milk thistle (excellent for liver support and expelling toxins), burdock root (a powerful blood purifier), red clover (a tonic that supports the lymphatic system for drainage), and stinging nettle, which helps the kidneys to eliminate waste products.

You can check out the Detox Tonic here.

3. Sports Kraut-

Another product designed for athletes and health nuts in general, the Sports Kraut blend has a mild taste in comparison to traditional sauerkrauts I’ve tried, with complex herbal flavor notes.

It was designed to help athletes recover faster and is high in body-repairing vitamin C as well as Vitamin K, which helps the body absorb vitamin D and supports hormonal health. The blend of herbs in Sports Kraut helps to reduce muscle soreness and fight inflammation, and includes holy basil, oregano, devil’s claw (for healthy joint function and muscle tightness), and ginseng among other herbs.

You can learn more about Sports Kraut here.

4. Healing Kraut-

Designed to get your digestion back on track, this one jolted my senses with intense flavors of fennel and lemongrass; a pleasant twist on the classic sauerkraut flavor. It tastes a little bitter at first but once I got used to it I became a big fan of this flavor.

Among the herbs in this organic sauerkraut recipe are: ginger (for cramping and nausea), artichoke leaf (for liver support), yarrow leaf and flower (for supporting digestive enzymes; great for taking with or including in a large meal), and fennel for stimulating gastric juice production and expelling gas.

Check out the Healing Kraut blend by clicking on this link.

Overall Impressions of Süperkrauts Organic Sauerkraut

If you like sauerkraut and you haven’t been able to find anything organic, these products are a must-try.

And even if you do have an organic sauerkraut source in your area, they’re still well worth a purchase for any true health nut; I would consider these a supplement and medicinal product as much as they are a food.

While the taste is a little different than what I was used to with Bubbies and other mainstream sauerkraut brands, these recipes and their suite of unique herbal flavors really grew on me.

Prior to this review I did a sauerkraut taste test with all four flavors after eating a whole box of organic mac and cheese (hey, we’re all human), and over the course of the day I felt a huge difference in my energy levels, digestion and mental clarity compared to what I am used to after eating such a huge portion of “organic junk food.”

Overall, I give Süperkrauts the highest possible recommendation, and look forward to trying their other flavors some day (they range from mojito to zesty sriracha to cinnamon crunch).

You can check their full line of their flavors by visiting their website here, or on by clicking on this link.

You can also view a video of the company’s philosophy below, and read about sauerkraut health benefits on their website by clicking here.

This review was written after receiving a sample of the above products from the company. See our full disclaimer on product reviews by clicking on this link




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