Rare Documentary Follows the Dalai Lama’s Personal Physician, Explores The Benefits of Tibetan Medicine and Padma Basic


One of the most intriguing things about the holistic health movement is how people are discovering the ancient secrets of healing more and more each day.

Each culture, country and region has its own herbal medicine protocols developed over hundreds of years through trial-and-error, careful study, and of course lots and lots of wise and caring shamans, herbal healers, physicians and more.

Many people know about Chinese medicine and others, but the power and effectiveness of ancient Tibetan medicine and its carefully-crafted, synergistic herbal formulas is not nearly as well known.

Recently I came across a captivating and rare documentary on Tibetan Herbal medicine called ‘The Knowledge of Healing,’ which chronicles the healing success of patients as well as the Dalai Lama’s personal holistic physician on his day-to-day activities. It also discusses the amazing benefits of the Tibetan herbal blend Padma Basic, showing a man who was given only five months to live due to issues with poor circulation. He took Padma Basic and is still standing (and thriving) ten years later!

You can watch the full documentary below (all rights for the movie to T&C Film AG). The film starts off a bit slow but the second half is packed with amazing stories and insight from professional researchers on the power of Tibetan medicine.


I personally have been taking Padma Basic, which was mentioned in the film and utilized by Tibetan healers, for a while now and have found it to be the most effective post-workout recovery supplement I’ve ever taken. It’s also great for circulation in general.

The soreness and slow recovery time I’ve experienced in the past has been sliced in half since I began taking Padma Basic, which is a Tibetan formula of 19 different herbs all working in concert with each other.

You can try an original version of the Padma Basic formula by clicking here.

There’s even a short book about the Tibetan herbal blend that I’ve perused a few different times, which details dozens of studies showing its effectiveness for many different ailments.


In addition to being amazing for viral problems like Hepatitis, Padma Basic also may be the answer to one of the most common dental problems facing people in the Western world (and other places) today.

One study showed that Padma Basic may be capable of reversing the need for root canal operations. You can read an article about the study from our website by clicking here.

Of course, Padma Basic is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible healing power of Tibetan medicine. Hopefully more research can be done so that more people can benefit in the near future as opposed to taking drugs laden with damaging side effects.

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