Remembering Mila de Mier, the Non-GMO Activist Who Died Face Down in a Swimming Pool in 2018

Mila de Mier was set to deliver petitions to the Food and Drug Administration.


The world of clean food, clean medicine and environmental activism has gotten national news attention and headlines in recent years, and not always for feel-good reasons.

In 2018, a brave activist named Mila de Mier embarked on a trip to ‘Our Nation’s Capital,’ Washington, D.C., in hopes of delivering a petition that could have changed the future of one of the most controversial, Bill Gates funded environmental (and experimental) ‘solutions’ in recent memory: genetically modified mosquitoes.

De Mier was found face down in a swimming pool on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at the Cambria Hotel & Suites Washington, D.C. Convention Center on 899 O Street, NW, according to a spring 2018 report by WJLA-News 7.

The 45-year-old activist was mourned by her late husband Ivan on her ‘Remembrance’ Facebook page, a testament to the impact she had on many lives during her time on this planet.


De Mier’s Quest to Stop GMO Mosquitoes 

De Mier planned to deliver a petition with over 200,000 signatures on it to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to a report from

Medical crews were called to the scene of de Mier’s drowning at 9:35 a.m. that day but were unable to save her life.

In the days leading up to her tragic death, de Mier wrote the following on Facebook:

“The time is now Please sign and share ! We are not guinea pigs,” she wrote. “Is time to set standards when it come(s) to people and Biotec[h]nology.”



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Activist Barbara Napoles Recalled Final Days With De Mier

A fellow activist and long-time friend of de Mier’s named Barbara Napoles accompanied her on her trip to Washington, D.C.

She worked with de Mier in the Never Again Foundation which focused on environmental causes. She explained that her and de Mier had worked on the GMO mosquito situation for years and previously visited the Food and Drug Admistration (FDA) in hopes of explaining their concerns regarding the controversial technology.

Napoles said de Mier left her to go for a quick swim in the hotel’s rooftop pool before their trip to the EPA.

That was the last time Napoles saw de Mier alive.

According to Napoles, Mila de Mier was known as a talented swimmer who had ‘swum with whale sharks in the past,’ according to GMWatch, and she had plans to swim with dolphins in June 2018.

The mosquitoes were scheduled to be released in Houston, Texas. They were created by Oxitec, the British company that also planned on releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Key West, Florida.

“She wanted the people of Houston to have time to comment on the release of GE mosquitoes. She would want people to continue the fight,” Napoles said to GMWatch.


Advocates, Readers Mourned Non-GMO Activist’s Death 

Following de Mier’s death, the Center for Food Safety released the following statement on its Facebook page.

“Rest in peace, Mila de Mier. CFS mourns the tragic death of this tireless community activist and mother of three. Mila was a wonderful ally, and an outspoken campaigner against the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida Keys, gathering nearly 200,000 signatures against this experiment by the FDA and Oxitec! A huge loss for our movement.”

The Center added that “based on the information (they had in 2018),” there were “no signs of foul play.”

Readers reacted to the tragic news on the day it was announced.

“RIP. I am deeply saddened by this news and it is a shame to lose a young, tireless and persuasive worker at the Center for Food Safety,” one person said with a crying emoji.

Another reader was surprised by what happened and didn’t believe the explanation.

“Very strange for a young woman to pass like this. One can make things look natural. Another Person involved with the good cause dies tragically?!”


De Mier’s Husband Ivan Shared His Thoughts on Facebook 

Mila de Mier spoke out against GMO mosquitoes and did her best to fight them by nearly delivering a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency.

De Mier’s husband also shared his words of grief after his wife Mila’s death on her personal Facebook page.

“Unforeseen and abrupt sadness as I’m so heartbroken that I don’t have my Mila,” he said. “I wake up next to her, start the day with her, I’m always around her and most of all I’ve always been there to PROTECT her.

“Unfortunately I was not there to protect her like I have over the years. Mila at times would have seizures and I have been there for her.”

Ivan said that she once had a seizure on a walk in Rockland Key, an island in the lower Florida Keys. Mila fell to the dirt on the side of the road, Ivan said, and he held her and protected her until she was able to get home and eventually to the hospital.

“These moments make you live life and make it the best you can each day but how do I do this without her in my life,” he wrote.


Ivan called his late wife a “strong, passionate, caring and giving woman.”

He also called her  his “shoulder, friend, companion, and always in her shadow,” along with her personal photographer as he noted she was always behind the camera looking at her.

“Her kids are amazing and each have a piece of her personality,” Ivan added. “Even in the tough teenage years they are a reflection of her.

“So heartbroken for them as I feel the pain in their loss because I lost my mom at even a younger age and it’s unbearable to experience and see this happening to them,” he added.

“It’s so, so sad.”


Thank you for reading! You can learn more about the recent ‘victory’ against the release of GMO mosquitoes in California by clicking on this link.

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