“Soda, Popsicles and WHAT…!?” This Cancer Patient’s Hospital Food Menu Will Make You Shudder


After years of accepting everything doctors and hospitals tell us about “wellness” as fact, people are waking up to the realtiy that many of our “health professionals” still have a lot to learn when it comes to nutrition.

It’s bad enough that doctors take an embarrassingly small amount of nutrition classes, but that ignorance extends beyond the family practice and into the hospital where some “healing institutions” actually serve McDonald’s and other fast food, along with “staples” like green jello (with artificial colors and other unsavory ingredients).

Everyday patients dealing with healing challenges have their own needs for top-quality nutrition, but when it comes to needing a specific, targeted diet for healing, few patients need one more than cancer patients.



I Wasn’t Given Much of a Choice…”

Repeating an all-too-common refrain that many hospital and cancer patients have, Jared Bucey, the founder of the Facebook page Kids Against Chemo, posted the picture below of a list of recommended foods that the hospital gave him while he was battling Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 

The list gave ideas for what to eat to deal with nausea, a major side effect of the chemotherapy he had been originally administered (before Jared decided to try a different healing route).

kids against

A surprising list of mostly sugary foods given to cancer patient Jared Bucey. Via the Kids Against Chemo Facebook page.


As thousands of people are discovering, the foods on this hospital’s list are far from healing, and carry cancer risks of their own.

Ginger is excellent for nausea, but the “candied” recommendation implies that eating a healing food covered in sugar, which feeds cancer cells, is somehow a good thing. 

Popsicles are mostly sugar and contain high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients linked to or capable of feeding cancer, and most conventional breads and crackers are also high in starches, as well as harmful genetically modified ingredients and inflammatory compounds like gluten.

Perhaps most disconcerting is the recommendation to eat “canned” fruits, as most of the cans contain the chemical BPA which has been linked to cancer.

Here is what Bucey had to say about the absurdity of the menu on his Facebook page:

I wasn’t given much of a choice on what to eat in the hospital; my mom would go to the local health food store and bring stuff in for me and tell the nurses (to) forget about me eating the hospital food..most time(s) the nurses would agree!” he said. 

This was a list they gave me things to help with nausea… can you believe with cancer they kept feeding me sugar! Their favorite to give me? Jello, pudding canned anything…oh and juice concentrate and soda (loaded with sugar).”



After undergoing one cycle of chemo for his lymphoma and becoming frustrated with the lack of healing food choices, Jared decided to rely on natural methods instead including regular juicing and an infrared sauna.

You can also follow his journey on his YouTube channel by clicking here and watch the video below to learn about his story (it’s reallyinspiring to see how supportive his mother is)!


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