Stonyfield Yogurt, Other Organic Companies Among Members of Anti-GMO Labeling Lawsuit Organization


It’s no secret that more and more organic companies are being bought up by larger corporations that threaten to water down organic standards, but there are plenty of organic companies that consumers have grown to know and trust.

Among them are the Stonyfield organic yogurt company, a transparent, fully organic and large-scale operation that was featured in the seminal documentary Food, Inc. and has given to GMO labeling efforts in the past. Organic Valley has supported GMO labeling as well with their dollars; while Horizon is a veritable spin-off company of Dean Foods which has donated money against labeling in the past. 

But now, a particular allegiance of Stonyfield and fellow trusted organic dairy companies has been questioned, in light of recent news that the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has filed a lawsuit against the state of Vermont to overturn the state’s landmark mandatory GMO labeling law.

Many of the top organic dairy companies are members of this organization including Stonyfield, Aurora Organic, Organic Valley, and White Wave/Horizon Organic (although for the latter it’s not surprising based on past transgressions).


Organic Consumers’ Association’s Request

According to the Organic Consumers Association’s website, the leading organic dairy companies were asked to withdraw from the IDFA but said they would not, instead saying that they had “collectively and formally protested” the IDFA’s decision to join the lawsuit.

They added that they contributed more money to Vermont’s GMO labeling law but said that they supported one national labeling standard rather than different state standards.

The OCA is also asking the companies to publicly state their opposition to the IDFA’s role in the lawsuit as well, and to clarify their position by supporting a mandatory federal labeling law such as the Boxer-DeFazio bill rather than watered-down, voluntary ones that have also been proposed.

You can see a link to the open letter sent by the OCA to the companies by clicking on this link.

In addition, a list of IDFA companies can be found by clicking here.

What do you think about Organic Valley and Stonyfield’s responses? Let us know in the comments below.

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